Thursday, September 22, 2011


I would lie if I didn’t say that the first thing of Lovestruck by Vera Wang that caught my eye is the bottle.
And gorgeous Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl as the face of the print and video campaign too!

The bottle has a basic square shape, while the oversized cap is a pure piece of art: it is a bouquet of deep berry glass-like flowers (stylized peonies I think?) figuratively tied together by two tulle ribbons in the same colour, with the slight sheen typical of this fabric.
The perfume itself has a very light pink tint to it.
It is one of those things you want to put on your nightstand and it makes you happy just to look at them!

With the scent, it was also love at first smell.
Vera Wang describes it as “Feminine. Modern. Romantic.”, a “sparkling addictive” mix of “pink guava and mandarin”, “tuberose and lotus blossom”, “precious wood and sheer musk”.
I found it definitely floral, fresh and elegant at the same time, intense and still delicate. It lasted nicely on the skin too.

I was mesmerized by the bottle to the point that I thought that maybe I was only liking the scent so much because my eyes had ordered my nose to!
So I decided not to purchase it there and then, and wait to see if it was only a temporary lust.

But when I went back to the store after a week, I already knew beyond doubt: I wanted Leighton’s and her flowers’ perfume to be my perfume too!

And that must have been my lucky day: the sales assistant told me that this fragrance came with a free gift, and handed me this beautiful huge tote bag by Vera Wang!

The bag actually features Princess, another Vera Wang fragrance, but it couldn’t have been prettier and it totally made my day! Thank you!!

And how bad is it to be jumping all over the place with joy because all the other customers behind you are asking for Lovestruck and the tote bag, and the sales assistant tells them that THAT was the last they had in stock, and YOU are the one who got it??? ^_^

Have a beautiful day ladies :-D


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