Monday, October 6, 2014


Kiko Queen of the Light Luxurious collection - Supreme eyeshadows

Hello girls,
I'm warning you, please prepare tissues and Kleenex because these are so beautiful they will make you cry!

It's the new Supreme Eyeshadows from the new Kiko Luxurious Limited Edition Collection!!

Kiko Queen of the Light Luxurious collection - Supreme eyeshadows: 01 Posh Crystal Rose, 02 Rich Grey Amethyst, 03 Exquisite Jasper Green, 04 Gorgeous Anthracite

It is a soft and weightless mousse texture that blends onto your eyelid like a dream, and dresses it with delicate and luminous colours for a mesmerizing light-reflecting finish.

Ok it is against my policy to use the word "need" when talking about make up products, but these eyeshadows are really REALLY good.

01 Posh Crystal Rose, 02 Rich Grey Amethyst, 03 Exquisite Jasper Green, 04 Gorgeous Anthracite

The collection is made of 4 shades:

01 Posh Crystal Rose - a silvery peach
02 Rich Grey Amethyst - a blackened purple
03 Exquisite Jasper Green - an antique gold with a hint of olive
04 Gorgeous Anthracite - a silvery gunmetal

My swatches below show the shades at their most intense, but you can sheer them out as much as you like to achieve your favourite finish.

Let me know if you get them and what you think of them, and please Instagram me @mjintheskywithglitter or tweet me @mj_sky_glitter if you upload your pictures wearing them!!

And girls, the new Kiko collection for the Holidays 2014 is OUT!!!!
It's Kiko Haute Punk collection, you can see it here Kiko Haute Punk Collection !!


Kiko Queen of the Light Luxurious collection - Supreme eyeshadows swatches: 01 Posh Crystal Rose, 02 Rich Grey Amethyst, 03 Exquisite Jasper Green, 04 Gorgeous Anthracite


  1. Wow those are some pretty pigmented shadows! I owned a Kiko liquid liner a while back but nothing else from the brand - I don't think I even knew they made cream eye shadows. :/ Are they just part of the limited edition collection or do they have permanent cream shadows as well?

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. This is more of a mousse texture, it's a brand new eyeshadow line from them and it's part of this limited edition collection.
      Cream eyeshadows have so far been released only as part of previous limited edition collections.

      See how pigmented they are, and then on the eyelid they blend and sheer out soooo beautifully!!
      I really hope you will have the chance to check them out in person babe!!

      xoxo <3

  2. Oh my god, i need these!! They look divine!xxx

    Anoushka xx xx

    1. I wouldn't know how else to put it really haha!! :-D
      Let me know which ones you get!!


  3. Hi MJ! I have Rich Grey Amethyst, it´s wonderful. Ann

    1. Hello Ann, thank you for writing me!!
      I couldn't agree with you more, please tag me if you create a look with it!!
      And hopefully Kiko will release new shades soon!!


  4. Oh they look Stunning!!!!! So pretty!! Lou xo

    1. Already my favourites hun!! *_*

      <3 XOXO


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