Thursday, September 26, 2013


Mac Flat Out Fabulous lipstick

Mac Flat Out Fabulous lipstick

I was super excited to be invited to the launch of the new Mac Retro Matte collection!
It is made of 8 lipsticks - 7 new shades plus the iconic Ruby Woo - and 8 lip pencils in matching colours.
All 8 shades are amazing - just the orangy red I know wouldn't look good on me, but it's still a gorgeous colour!

The one I picked to try on was Flat Out Fabulous, which is really a Flat. Out. Fabulous bright magenta colour.
I LOVE magenta. I think it's an unexpected shade :)

The Mac makeup artist first contoured my lips and filled them in with Magenta lip liner (even if it's not part of the collection), and then applied the lipstick.
The texture is on the dry side, but the pigmentation and longevity are out of this world. Once you put it on, it stays for EVER.

These are a few pictures I took that night. After about 6 hours, in the pictures below see how the lipstick is still intact on me without any retouching! Unbelievable, right???
I can't wait to go back and get more shades from this collection!!!!

See me wear All Fired Up lipstick from the same collection in Mac All Fired Up, and if you want to see what dupe I found for Flat Out Fabulous go to Mac Dupes - Red, bright and dark lipsticks by Sleek.html :-)

If you like these magenta shades, there's an older Mac lipstick that used to be a Pro product - which means only available in Mac Pro stores - but is now part of the permanent collection: beautiful Violetta, my first Mac lipstick!!
If you want to see it go to Mac Violetta lipstick ^_^

And if all of these lipstick are not purple enough for you, dare to try Mac Heroine lipstick haha, that has just taken the world by storm ;-)

Love <3

Mac Flat Out Fabulous lipstick

Mac Flat Out Fabulous lipstick


  1. i learned a new word to describe the colour, magenta..! thank you, MJ...! otherwise, i would have called this colour i know it's "magenta"! the colour looks so great on you and goes so well with the rest of the eye and cheek make-up...! i can't believe that the last picture was taken after 6 hours without any retouching! incredible.....anyway, you look FABULOUS!!! :-)

    1. I am honoured I introduced you to Mr Magenta then, hahaha!!!! :D <3


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