Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF + Lady Danger & Redd

Put on your shades 'cause I'll be dancing in the flames tonight yeah baby, tonight yeah baby...

Ok not quite so extreme, but we do need shades to look at Mac Cheeky Bronze, one of their new Mineralize Skinfinish!! *_*
This is the most glowy thing I have seen in my life, it kind of looks as if I am holding a candle that's lighting up my face instead of my phone haha ^_^

For such a stunning effect I will be forever grateful to Mac make up artist Alberto (@albymat on Instagram), who did my face make up <3
"Plastic cheekbones" are Alberto's words haha :-*

He first removed my base to have a clear canvas to work on, and applied Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC30 by dabbing it with a sponge.
Then with a Mac 168 brush he applied Cheeky Bronze MSF all over my cheeks in a circular motion, and topped it up with Lightscapade MSF, applied with the same brush on the top of my cheekbones.

Amazing, right?? :-D

Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF

Here you can see Cheeky Bronze in the new packaging. I thought I liked the old packaging better, but this is growing on me :)
Too bad the price was also increased of a couple of dollars, despite the amount of product being the same.

Cheeky Bronze is an apricot shade highlighter.
It is more rose and bronze than gold, and it is more yellow than peach, so yes, apricot :)
On light to medium skin tones - me included - it will be a very complexion-warming and illuminating blush.
On medium to dark skin tones it will be a divine highlighter.
I find it more finely milled than my favourite Soft and Gentle.

Mac Cheeky Bronze MSF

Unfortunately Lightscapade was sold out, so I could not purchase it :(

In this make up look I am also very excited to be wearing iconic Lady Danger lipstick!!
Lady Danger is an intense but bright orangy red, and has a Matte finish.
Compared to other matte shades it is more creamy but just as longlasting.

It has a yellow/warm undertone so it looks best on warm, not too pale complexions.
If you read my blog it's no secret that I self-tan, and I think this plays a big part in pulling off Lady Danger better than I would with my natural skin tone.

The lip liner is Mac Redd, same exact shade as Lady Danger, just half a tone darker.

Mac Lady Danger lipstick + Redd lip pencil

On my eyes I am wearing Silver Sun eyeshadow from the Alluring Aquatic collection, black eyeliner and black mascara.

The top I am wearing is from Zara, from the new summer collection <3

If you would like to see what else I got from the Alluring Aquatic collection, please go to Mac Alluring Aquatic collection, and if you would like to see my all-time favourite highlighters please go to My Favourite Highlighters

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Have a beautiful day :-*



  1. Beautiful MJ!!
    I adore MACs Lady Danger lipstick I love it!!!!!
    xo Holly ox


    1. Ooh Holly, so happy to hear from you!!

      The first time I tried Lady Danger a few years ago I didn't like it, and my struggle with orange has been well documented here on my blog haha, so I'm glad I finally found a way to make this colour work for me!!

      I hope you had a beautiful day, love <3 xx

  2. You look amazing - as always <3

    1. Where is my soul sister, let me hear ya flow sister :-D

      Thank you so much baby, I just enjoyed so much going through all your Instagram pictures again :) <3

      Have a beautiful day!! :-*

  3. Well hello there stunner! You've heard me gush about Cheeky Bronze before, but I love it so much its worth mentioning again - just LOVE it! On you though it does something ever so gorgeous! I will have to try layering it with Lightscapes in the future for sure! I agree with definitely that I really enjoy the older packaging more! And that Lady Danger is just stunning on you! It does no doubt work much better with a tan, and so its great to get to pull it out in the summer months.

    Love you so much my sweet friend! Hope your day today is filled with happiness and peace!

    1. Sarah I was so excited to see you already have Cheeky Bronze!!
      And beside Lightscapade, have you seen Global Glow MSF??? From the pictures I have seen, this one looks like a must-have too!!!

      I'm just obsessed with Mac MSFs and pretty much all highlighters haha ^_^

      Have a beautiful day my amazing friend, love and energy to you, a big hug <3 xx

  4. Replies
    1. :-D My beautiful Arianna!!

      What a beautiful surprise, thank you so much, much love to you!! <3 <3

      Kisses xxx

  5. We have nominated you for The Liebster Award because we love your blog so much!! For more info we have uploaded rules on our blog here: xoxo Rachel & Nikki - Precious Wonders

    1. Ooh thank you so much my beautiful friends!!!! <3
      I will come look at your post with top priority as soon as I can!!
      Love xx


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