Wednesday, October 9, 2013


With the recent Retro Matte collection, and with Rihanna even creating her own version - Riri Woo - for her Riri Loves Mac collection which has just taken the make up world by storm, Mac Ruby Woo lipstick has become the talk of the town.

So I thought it would be the perfect timing to write a comparison post between Ruby Woo and Russian Red, Mac most popular red lipstick. Probably THE most popular red lipstick.

Russian Red is the lipstick that Madonna wore throughout her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990, basically enough for me to want to sleep with it under my pillow!! :-D

Left: RUSSIAN RED, Right: RUBY WOO - natural light

Both lipsticks are a cool-toned red. Russian Red is a little darker, Ruby Woo is a little brighter.

Also, both have a matte finish. Russian Red is a slightly creamier matte, while Ruby Woo is in the Retro Matte formula, the most matte and pigmented and long-lasting formula you can ever think of.

My favourite red is and will always be Russian Red :-) Ruby Woo is a very close second though :-)
On a general basis, I will pick up Russian Red for a night out, while I will go for Ruby Woo if it's daytime, and I always wear them with Mac Cherry lip pencil.

These are two looks I created with the two lipsticks.
Russian Red for a dramatic, theatrical look, and Ruby Woo for one of those days when you wake up at 8 in the morning already feeling like a diva hahahaha :-D :-D

Russian Red and I

Russian Red and I

Ruby Woo and I

In both looks my base is my favourite foundation L'Oreal Lumi Magique (True Match Lumi) in DW3 Gold Linen, applied with my Real Techniques stippling brush.

So which lipstick is your favourite??

I hope you are having a great day!

Love <3


  1. Lovely post! Your are just gorgeous! x

    1. Elle what a beautiful surprise!! Thank you you're a sweetheart :-* <3

  2. I'd been planning on purchasing the Ruby Woo but this has just totally thrown me! Now I'm thinking Russian Red! Can't hurt to buy both? :p
    Great post, and beautiful pictures! :)

    1. With your angel facial features and complexion, I'm already having visions of you wearing RubyWoo, just because it's brighter :-)
      So if you had to pick one, I'd suggest RubyWoo :-)

      That said, Russian Red is Russian Red, and if you are really into wearing statement matte reds so that you will get enough use out of both lipsticks, then yeah just get both!

      Thank you so much for your comment, I'm so happy you found my post interesting!!


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