Friday, November 28, 2014


Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter
Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter

Hello girls,
if you read my blog you have seen that I don't buy or use luxury make up products very often, because I find that many non-luxury or drugstore products these days can often offer equivalent results at a much lower price.

But.  If there's anything remotely equivalent to this, from any luxury or drugstore brand, on the entire planet Earth, I haven't seen it yet.

Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter, from their new holiday collection, is literally like liquefied metal on your skin.
It is a cool-toned very light gold shade, like in between silver and gold, that kind of shade that I like to call platinum.
And it is The. Most. finely milled powder I have ever touched.
If I saw the swatch alone, I would think it comes from a liquid product more than a powder.

Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter

Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter

Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter

Camelia de Plumes comes in the signature Chanel midnight blue velvet pouch.
The pouch is held closed by an elastic band, and has a little pocket in the front - so cute, it reminds me of a kangaroo's pouch haha - which contains a small brush.
It is a good quality brush, I will use it to apply the highlighter on my face.

Thoughts, girls?? ^_^
What is your favourite highlighter at the moment, that you will use the most during the upcoming holidays?
Thanks for sharing :)


Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter

Chanel Camelia de Plumes highlighter

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Hello friends,
two of my favourite girls

Kimmy from Beauty Isles


Antonia from Fifi and the Diamonds

have nominated me for a few tags, thank you so much for thinking of me ladies, your support means a lot!!

I have already answered some of the questions from these tags in previous tags I have done, so now I am going to pick 11 new questions and put them together here :)

1. When was the first time you wore make up in public? (Kimmy)
When I was 5 year old, for a ballet performance :)

2. What's your favourite thing to buy beauty wise? (Kimmy)
I have an obsession for highlighters - liquid, cream, powder, you name it, I have it, and if I don't have it, I want it haha!

3. What's your favourite food? (Kimmy)
Pizza, and croissants with Nutella - and if you let me add fruit, vegetables, water, coffee and champagne, this is what I could live off of for the rest of my life without eating anything else.
I am not a vegetarian, but I don't really like meat or chicken, so except from sushi or the odd fish, on most days I eat as if I was a vegetarian.

4. Your favourite music? (Kimmy)
Madonna and U2. And profanity-laden hip-hop songs, which I clean up and sing (AND dance!!!) along to All. Day. Long.
Most of my Instagram captions at @mjintheskywithglitter are de-obscenified lyrics from hip-hop songs too haha!
Tyga is my current favourite "I make that money reappearrrr hopping off the lear ain't no passengers in here I got D'Usse poppin no beerrrr why u in my ear I can't hear the money clear... YAAAAS my life All. Day.

5. Lipstick or lipgloss? (Antonia)
Lipgloss. I always have one in my bag for quick touch-ups on the go.

6. Your make up bag staple? (Antonia)
The one and only L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation - True Match Lumi in the US.

7. Your favourite season and why? (Antonia)
Summer because I love wearing summer dresses, and stiletto sandals, and flip-flops. To the point that my idea of winterwear is a coat on top of summer clothes.

8. What camera do you use for your blog? (Antonia)
I take all my blog and Instagram pictures with my iPhone 4S.

9. Who would you invite to a dinner party and why?
I would invite Wendy Williams [US tv host]. She entertains me like nobody else.

10. My top 5 make up products (Kimmy and Antonia)

  • L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation
  • Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
  • Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen
  • Helena Rubinstein Spider Eyes mascara base
  • Kiko Colour Sphere eyeshadows

11. Random make up facts about me (Kimmy)
I never powder my face. I always self-tan my face. I always have lip balm with me.

Girls I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you again Kimmy and Antonia for tagging me!!

If you want to read previous Questions&Answers tags you can check out
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Now this post is not a real tag anymore, so for this time I'm not going to tag anybody else. But stay tuned for the next one!!
Have a beautiful day,


Friday, November 14, 2014


October favourites
Hello girls,
here are my favourite products from last month!

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil - this is a very popular product I had always heard about, and I always knew I would eventually get it.
It is the most decadent blackened red/plum shade. Even if it is so dark, it is so perfect with that perfect balance between red, plum and black, that it always looks beautiful and sophisticated.

Here I am wearing it with another favourite from last month, Mac Smoked Purple lipstick.

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil, Mac Smoked Purple lipstick

Mac Smoked Purple lipstick is a blackened purply plum. Compared to Nightmoth it has more purple to it, while Nightmoth has more red.

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil, Mac Smoked Purple lipstick

Kiko Exquisite Jasper Green eyeshadow - a wonder-in-a-pot shimmery antique gold with a touch of olive, in a mousse texture, from the brand new Kiko eyeshadow line <3
You can see swatches and full review here Kiko Luxurious Collection: The Eyeshadows

Essence Jacob's Protection nail polish - this is my top favourite glitter nail polish, a beautiful midnight blue with light blue glitter, basically my life. Unfortunately it was a limited edition from their Twilight collection a couple of years ago.
Like all my nail polishes from Essence, with this one too I have the issue that it starts chipping within a few hours from application - but then again we have to consider the upside and how inexpensive these nail polishes are -, but I just love it too much.

Mac Everything That Glitters nail polish - this is another limited edition from the Holiday Collection 2012, and is a very opaque black with bright multicolor glitter.

As soon as I saw Exciting Dark Brown from Kiko, it reminded me of it.
The one from Kiko is not brown like the name suggest, nor black like Everything That Glitters - its base is a charcoal grey. And it has a textured finish, while the one from Mac has the regular nail polish finish.
But if you missed out on the Mac one and like dark glitter nail polishes, I am sure you will love the one from Kiko too.
If you don't like the textured finish, you can apply a gel top coat on it and make it shiny :)
You can see it on my nails here Kiko Haute Punk collection (Holidays 2014)

Girls I hope you enjoyed these favourites of mine as much as I have.
Now I'll be catching up with your monthly favourites on your blogs and YouTube channels!!
Thank you for reading,


Mac Everything That Glitters nail polish - Kiko Exciting Dark Brown nail polish

Sunday, November 9, 2014



Hello girls,
today I will tell you about my favourite beauty treatment to do at home, a facial with my beloved face sheet masks from Korea and Japan!!

You really can't top Asian skincare, and face sheet masks are one of their most popular products.
They were created in Korea, and most brands are Korean - The Face Shop, Innisfree, Missha, Skin Food, K-Cosmetic.
But I also have masks from Shiseido and SK-II, which are Japanese.

They are individually wrapped face-shaped sheets soaked in serum.
All you have to do is just put them on your face and leave them on.
The instructions generally tell us to leave the mask on for about 20 minutes, but I just keep it until it has dried, which is about 1 hour.
I'll do it when I'm like reading in bed or something, so the longer I stay the more relaxing and overall effective the beauty treatment is, right?? ^_^

I use these masks once or twice a week.
First I'll do an exfoliating scrub or mask (like Glam Glow, and you can read my review here GlamGlow Supermud and Youthmud mask review ) , so my skin will be all clean and ready to absorb the serum from the sheet mask to maximum effectiveness.

And the fact that the sheet is lying on your face and sticking to it, will sort of force the skin to soak up as much as it can from it, and will seal in the moisture.

These masks are everything, I LOVE them.

They come in ALL kinds of serums: from green tea to bamboo, from pearl to snail slime.
My other friend from Tokyo even got me an Euglena mask.


Euglena: genus of single-celled organisms with both plant and animal characteristics. It is considered a member of the protozoan order Euglenida or a member of the algal division Euglenophyta. (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Can we say HUHHH????

Well I guess that when all else fails we can still try Euglenas!!!

Girls have you tried sheet masks and what are your favourites??



Tuesday, November 4, 2014



Hello girls,
I don't know about you, but since my old thigh-high boots broke, I had been hopelessly looking for a new pair For. Ever.

I understand it's not exactly the same as a search for bread, but why should they be so hard to find???
Hello, what else on Earth are shoe designers busy designing, slippers?? Socks???

So I literally shed tears of joy when I saw The. Perfect. thigh-high boots in an email from my beloved H&M.

I immediately started calling all the H&M stores within a 2-hour flight time to ask if these boots were already available in-store, but they all said no, and they also said they didn't know IF they would ever receive this specific item.


So I emailed the customer service to ask them in which stores within the Milky Way they were going to send the boots so that I could go get them, but OH NO!, they confirmed that they didn't know, AND they didn't even know IF these boots would ever make it to a store or if they would only be available online.

So yeah, the picture above clearly tells you what happened then, I made my online order haha!!
And while I was at it I added a couple mo' pieces that I had previously missed in-store, this gorgeous dress included *_*

In the links below you can see better what the dress and the boots look like, and if you like them, hopefully they are available in your country too ^_^

You will see that this dress is paired with these boots on the H&M website too ^_^

Grey chiffon dress: H&M UK - H&M USA - H&M France - H&M Deutschland - H&M Danmark - H&M Nederland - H&M Sverige

Black fake suede overknee stiletto boots: H&M USA - H&M France - H&M Italia -  H&M Россия

Have a beautiful evening <3


Monday, November 3, 2014


Kiko Haute Punk collection

Hello girls,
I'm very excited to show you the new holiday collection from Kiko, Haute Punk collection!!

First off though...Haute Punk?? ...why? :-/ Not my favourite sounding word combination.
And what's "punk" about a red and gold packaged Christmas collection, where sophisticated red, mauve, champagne and smokey shades are predominant?

So yeah, not sure about the naming of it, but anyway if we can get past it - and we can and will, because it is a gorgeous collection!!

I will show you a few essentials I got from this collection ^_^
I will be adding more pictures and swatches, so keep an eye on this post and come back from time to time if you would like to see more.
In the meantime, if you would like a more in-depth review or swatches of a product in particular, please let me know in a comment, so I can do the most requested products first :-)

Kiko Haute Punk collection

So this is what I got from the collection:

Kiko Smokey Colour palette

Kiko Smokey Colour palette

Beauty Apotheosis 02 Smokey Colour palette on two levels containing
6 eyeshadows
   shimmering champagne for highlighter
   shimmery taupe
   matte dark brown
   satin grey
   satin brown with a hint of olive
   matte black
1 bronzer - very nice natural shade with a delicate satin finish
1 blush - a universally flattering intense dusty pink
1 double-ended eyeshadow applicator - not what I would use to do my eye make up, but if you're on the go with the palette in your purse at least it's there for a touch up
1 bronzer/blush brush
2 mirrors - yes, TWO beautiful big mirrors, one on each level! Mirrors in make up palettes are everything, so great job on this Kiko!!!

Kiko Unique Rosy Mauve lipstick
01 Unique Rosy Mauve lipstick
This is a beautiful pinky mauve shade with a lustre finish. Again, this will be flattering on eeevvvrybody. I think it will be really nice for younger girls too :-)
And wait, while the colour per se is not the most unique, what's incredible about this lipstick is how it feels on the lips.
Please give it a try. If you apply it with your eyes closed and don't know it's a lipstick, you will think you're applying a lip balm.
It is soooo creamy and buttery on the lips, really it's amazing. More buttery than a lip balm, you absolutely have to try it.

Kiko Tasteful Rosy Mauve Face and Body Powder

02 Tasteful Rosy Mauve Face and Body Powder
I have so many blushes and bronzers and highlighters that this is the last thing I needed, but how gorgeous are these shades Kiko!!!!
And that flawless silky smooth touch they have on your fingers, oh why Kiko why!!!
So yeah, I got it.
And it's a whopping 22g of product, plus a powder puff if you want to apply it on your body too.
If you prefer more coraly tones, its twin 01 Stylish Pink Coral will make you weak in the knees.

110 Ebony/Golden Steel Double Glam Eyeliner pencil
It's a double ended eye pencil. One side is a dark cool toned brown, and the other side I was going to describe it as a metallic antique gold, but golden steel says it all really.
I didn't get more pencils because I already have a few of them from previous collections. If you don't, check out the other pencils too, they are all super smooth and pigmented, and they all come in beautiful colour combinations.

Kiko Alternative Grey Taupe and Exciting Dark Brown nail polishes

Kiko Alternative Grey Taupe and Exciting Dark Brown nail polishes

05 Alternative Grey Taupe nail polish
It is a stunning darkened silver that will dry with a textured finish. And I'm telling you, even after it dries textured, it will still be as sparkling as you see it in the bottle.
Absolutely unique product, I definitely recommend it.

Kiko Exciting Dark Brown nail polish

06 Exciting Dark Brown nail polish
Ok forget "brown" and substitute it with "charcoal". This is a true charcoal with multicolour shimmer.
And glitter swimming in a pool of black gives me life!! See, it's the very first thing I have worn from the collection.
It dries textured too, like all nail polishes in this collection. I'm thinking I might love it even more if it was shiny, so I will also try it with a gel-like top coat.

Phew such a long post! Now you can see why I couldn't take more pictures and do more swatches at this time haha.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see more of :-)

Also, here you can see all the eyeshadows from the other new Kiko collection, Queen Of The Light Kiko Queen of the Light Luxurious Collection

Thank you for reading,


Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hello girls,
a quick post just to show you how I created my patent-like red lip in my Halloween make up.

I contoured my lips with Mac Cherry lip pencil, and then are you ready??
No you're not ready!! I mean, look at this!! Like BANG!!!, have you ever seen a lipgloss so pigmented and so glossy??? Honestly most lipsticks are not this pigmented!!!

This is Mac Driven By Love Pro Longwear Lipglass, a true red with a very fine red shimmer to it.
But can we even call this lipgloss? This is more like real paint, for the ultimate patent, vinyl lip!

Have you tried other shades from this line? Are they all this glossy and pigmented??

I hope you had a fun Halloween,


Mac Driven By Love Pro Longwear Lipglass