Monday, June 30, 2014


Glam Glow Supermud and Glam Glow Youthmud

Girls, it's happened.
I jumped on the Glam Glow bandwagon!

I didn't know how to feel about this product, because to me it seemed to appear on the beauty scene overnight, like a mushroom after the rain.
Like, I had never heard about it, and then suddenly everyone and their dog was raving about it.

And hype didn't seem to die down, so I finally decided to give it a try and check out myself what it was all about.
I got both the Supermud and the Youthmud masks, and here are my thoughts after using them 3 times each, over a 3 week time.

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment (white jar)
It smells very fresh like clay and peppermint. It has a creamy, mud-like texture, and it contains little flakes of real eucalyptus leaves. It goes on black and dries light grey.
On my dry skin it dries stiff in a few minutes, but I still leave it on for the max 20 minutes advised, for maximum effectiveness.
It didn't take me long to see - literally - why everybody swears by this mask.
You can soon see the most nasty looking black dots appear where your pores are - so mainly in the nose area - where the mask is doing its thing on them.
So I mean, even before you know what's happening, you totally SEE that something is happening!!! :-O
When I wash it off, my pores and my skin overall look definitely clearer and smoother. And I'm telling you, I looked real close with a big magnifying mirror, because I honestly had to see all of this on myself to believe it.

GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment (black jar)
It smells like Earl Grey tea to me, so luxurious!! ^_^
Its texture is more raw and gritty than the Supermud, and it contains pieces of real green tea Leaves. As I apply it, I immediately feel a tingling sensation.
It dries faster than the Supermud, and I leave it on for the max 10 minutes advised. As you rinse it off, its grains will provide an extra mechanical exfoliation.
Again, my skin looks clearer and soooo baby soft!!! I wish I were a chemist to really understand how the mask can do this!! :-O

I am lucky enough not to have any particular skin problems to begin with, so I can't say how these masks would act on more specific skin issues.
But this is what I see on myself every time I use them, and I can totally say that on me both masks do what they say.

After I use the GlamGlow masks, to finish off my beauty treatment I apply one of my Asian hydrating sheet masks ^_^

I have already purchased a back-up of both Supermud and Youthmud, and I can't wait to try their new Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment!!

I hope my review was helpful, thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions! :-)

Now if you want to see, check out my outfit and Arabic inspired make up in Beirut :-))) My Lebanese Nights OOTN and Arabic inspired make up

Love <3

Glam Glow Supermud and Glam Glow Youthmud

Sunday, June 29, 2014


My Arabic inspired make up

Hello beautiful ladies, here I am going to share with you my outfit of the night and Arabic inspired make up for my stay in Beirut, Lebanon.

  • L'Oreal Lumi Magique (True Match Lumi) foundation in DW3 Gold Linen, applied with my Real Techniques stippling brush
  • Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NC30
  • Clinique Line Smoothing concealer in 02 Light
  • Dior Skinflash in 001
EYES - Warning: on my eyes I'm wearing more than most of us wear in the average semester, but women in Lebanon are SO stunning, it takes a lot of work to keep up with them!! ^_^
  • Mac Extra Dimension Bronzer in Delphic, from their recent Alluring Aquatic collection, in my crease and under the lower lashline
  • La Rose de Versailles eyeliner from Creer Beaute, from Japan, the most thin and precise eyeliner I have, to elongate both my inner and outer corner
  • Kiko Skinny Fit Kajal in 06 (black) only on the outer third of my waterline
  • Kiko False Lashes Concentrate Building Base mascara
  • Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara on top lashes for more volume and length
  • L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D mascara on bottom lashes for more definition
  • fake eyelashes from Tokyo - sorry I can't remember the name of the brand - and Spring Heart black lash glue, also from Tokyo. I bought both products at popular Matsumoto KiYoshi convenience store
  • Mac Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Emphatically Blonde, from their new line of brow products for the summer
  • Mac Extra Dimension Bronzer in Delphic
  • Mac Rio Mineralize Skinfinish* for blush
  • Mac Pro Sculpting Cream in Coffee Walnut, very delicately applied with a Mac 217 brush, to bring the cheekbone contouring past Kardashian level more into Maleficent territory
  • Flormar Waterproof Lipliner no. 201
  • Mac Myth lipstick, one of their most iconic shades, which I finally got after seeing how beautiful it looks on super sweet and mega talented Sanna (@lookamillion) in her most divine make up looks
My Arabic inspired make up

My Lebanese Nights OOTN

 In my OOTN I am wearing:
  • bustier top from Galliano
  • skirt from Zara
  • silver cuff bracelet and silver and golden rings from H&M
I completed my outfit with simple black strappy heels and a black clutch bag.

My make up was the same as the morning after which I showed you above, but for it to be more intense for the night I was also wearing
  • Mac Indianwood paintpot, a metallic orangy bronze, as a base
  • the darker shade of Kiko Color Sphere eyeshadow in 203, a grape purple shade, in my crease and outer corner
  • Nars Albatross highlighter on top of my cheekbones and down my nose
  • OPI Lincoln Park After Dark nail polish, a blackened purple
Girls I hope you enjoyed my post :-)

If you want to see what else I got from Mac sell out Alluring Aquatic collection, please go to Mac Alluring Aquatic collection ^_^

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me on my blog <3

Lots of love

*Rio MSF was sent to me by Mac PR

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My Parisian White OOTD

Bonjour ladies!! ^_^
I would like to share with you the outfit I wore in Paris!

White satin camisole from H&M: H&M UK - H&M USA - H&M France - H&M Danmark - H&M Sverige
White jean jacket from Versace Classic
Maxi skirt with zebra pattern from H&M
Pink powder handbag with chain strap from H&M
Necklace with heart shaped pendant from Bershka

My Parisian White OOTD
And when I posted this picture from the Eiffel Tower on my Instagram @mjintheskywithglitter I received so many compliments on my hairstyle!! :-O

In particular my sweet friend Annika @annipr13 said it reminded her of Brigitte Bardot, which as I already said before is my all time beauty icon, so I'll show you how I created my 60s inspired hairstyle :-)

Claire's 3 pack Bumpits Hair Volumizing Leave-In Inserts

This is a plastic hair tool from Claire's Accessories (3-Pack Bumpits Hair Volumizing Leave-In Inserts).
I got mine on sale last summer, if you can't find it anymore this is the most similar tool I could find that's currently in store Blonde Quiff Kit and Brunette Quiff Kit

It is SO easy to use.
  • You take the front portion of your hair and flip it over in front of your face
  • Place the tool at the root of the parted section. It has all those little "teeth" that will grip to your hair, so once you place it it won't move anymore
  • Flip the parted hair back covering the tool, and pin the hair with 2-3 bobby pins. If you make a ponytail you won't need the pins because the elastic band of the ponytail will be enough to keep everything in place.
This is it, literally 2 minutes!!

Please let me know if you give it a try!! :-)))
If you want to see what I wore in London please check out My Boho Glam OOTD wearing Gisele's dress :-)

Enjoy your summer day ladies, au revoir ^_^


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hello girls!
I am SO overjoyed I could get my hands on this dress by H&M, that this inspired me to write my FIRST fashion post!!!! :)))

I am sure you have seen it before, this is one of the dresses Gisele Bundchen wears in the current H&M Spring/Summer campaign.

It doesn't have a name - on the H&M website it is simply called Chiffon Dress, same as 20 other dresses :-/ - but calling it "Gisele's dress" and saying "I am wearing Gisele's dress" sounds cool enough for me to overlook the lack of more specific references haha :-D

It has all of my favourite colours!
It has an elasticized band at the waist and the skirt has a wrapover front.
Two open sections in the back and the different lengths - below the knee in the front, mid-calf in the back - give it even more of an edge.

I wore it with a blue jean jacket - also from H&M's current collection -, and a black bag with a chain strap - from H&M's Summer collection last year.

The heels are Kathryn sandals from Aldo - from last year.

I accessorized my outfit with my favourite earrings, gold with turquoise drops <3 - from H&M Summer 2012, but many simlar alternatives are currently in store!!

Below you can see me wear the same outfit with a hoodie by Abercrombie&Fitch instead of the denim jacket, just because that day I was in London and the temperature was a little colder than I expected ^_^

Dress: H&M USA - H&M UK - H&M Deutschland - H&M Danmark - H&M Sverige
Denim jacket: H&M USA - H&M UK - H&M France - H&M Deutschland - H&M Italia - H&M Danmark - H&M Sverige - H&M België - H&M Россия
Sorry guys I searched other countries too but I couldn't find these items on the local website :-(

I hope you enjoyed my first #OutfitOfTheDay blogpost!! :-)
And if you got this dress too, please show me how you wear it!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog <3
If you want to see what I wore in Paris and how I styled my hair please check out My Parisian White OOTD + 60s Hairstyle :-)