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Kiko Rock Attraction blushes - Boulevard Rock collection

Kiko Rock Attraction blushes swatches - 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 - Boulevard Rock collection

These are the 5 Rock Attraction blushes I got from the new Kiko Boulevard Rock collection.
There's also a sixth blush in the collection - 06 Visionary Sienna - but I didn't purchase it because it showed up as a burnt copper shade on my skin, which will look perfect on medium to dark skin tones but was not a good match for mine.
All 6 blushes are powder blushes and have the most beautiful and flattering subtly satin finish.

Kiko blush 01 Pearly Rock

01 Pearly Rock isn't really a blush, it's a highlighter. Even on the palest skin it wouldn't work as a blush.
It is a white with a pink opalescence to it - like I would describe Nars Albatross highlighter as a white with a gold opalescence to it.
So to me Pearly Rock is the pink version of Nars Albatross.

Kiko blush 02 Guitar Rose

02 Guitar Rose is a true Barbie pink.
This shade is genius, it's the pink that makes you happy just looking at it and that every girl wants to have in her collection! :-)
Just a touch of this blush on your cheeks will give you the prettiest spring glow!

If you would like to see a fun spring look I have created using another blush in a similar pink shade, you can go to My Mardi Gras make up ^_^

Kiko blush 03 Crossroad Pink

03 Crossroad Pink is a bright strawberry pink.
The satin finish will tone down the pigmentation once applied, but fairer skin tones should use their brush very lightly.

Kiko blush 04 Pop Apricot

I love 04 Pop Apricot! Even if I hadn't known its name, I would have instinctively described it as a neon apricot!
I think this is a totally unique shade. It reminds me of Topshop Head Over Heels - a cream blush -, but other than that I don't remember seeing anything like this before, so great job Kiko for creating it!!

And if you like this new orange trend and would like some inspiration for how to wear it on your lips you can see New trend: Orange lipstick - Iggy Azalea inspired make up :-)

Kiko blush 05 Sound Coral

05 Sound Coral is really a golden peach. I don't see any red in it to fall into the coral color category.
While it might not be the most breakthrough shade, it's surely the most versatile and easy to wear for every skin tone.

I really REALLY love these blushes, I think these are some of the top products Kiko has ever released.

Girls which blushes have you picked up from this collection and which one is your favourite??

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog :-*

Love :-)


  1. These blushes have such beautiful colours! I love Sound Coral, it's just that perfect summer peachy blush :-)


    1. I really love them all and would recommend them all, I would make it just a matter of a personal choice of which shade is our favourite :-)))

      Have a lovely day! ;-) xx

  2. Wow, they look amazing. I like the '05 Sound Coral' one :).

    1. I'm sure this blush will be one of the most popular!

      Carol I'm so sorry I can't read your blog, but I can't speak Polish :-(

      Thank you so much for writing me :-*

  3. I have to agree with the other two girls above...i also like Sound Coral the most....! Then Pearly Rock....the rest seem just a little too much to me....but then....will only be able to find out if i try them on my real skin..huh? Thanks for the post..! I didn't know at all about this collection. :)) xxx

    1. I see that Sound Coral is the most popular as I expected!!
      I think my favourite is Pop Apricot ^_^
      And Guitar Rose!! <3

      Brighter shades can be just as easy to wear, you just apply them more sheer!!
      Using a soft fluffy brush will help you because it will pick up less product to begin with, and then blend really well :-)
      I hope you will give these a try!!

      Thank you for visiting me here on my blog my beloved!!
      xoxo <3


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