Sunday, November 17, 2013


I love reading posts about dupes, so I thought it was about time I'd write one myself!

Now, my theory is that nothing can ever look the same unless it's the same exact product.
Shade, finish, pigmentation, longevity - so many variables make a make up product that it's pretty unlikely to find identical dupes.
Which is why I have multiple drawers full of cosmetics that only at a first, superficial glance might appear SIMILAR to one another. But they're oh so different, and we can create oh so many different looks with each one of them!! ;-)

That said, at half the price than the "original" - if not less -, some products are really more than worthy alternatives!!

So here are some dupes of nude Mac lipsticks I have in my make up collection - they are all European brands so my apologies in advance to anyone who can't get hold of them :(

Left: Mac Blankety - Right: Rimmel Airy Fairy

Mac Blankety - Rimmel 070 Airy Fairy
Airy Fairy is a little more pink and has more of a sheen to it. Pigmentation is very similar.

L: Mac Bare Again - R: Kiko Desert Rose

Mac Bare Again Sheen Supreme - Kiko 403 Desert Rose Crystal Sheer lipstick
Desert Rose is a little darker and more sheer.

L: Mac Peach Blossom - R: Catrice The Nuder The Better

Mac Peach Blossom (limited edition) - Catrice Ultimate Colour 190 The Nuder The Better
The Nuder The Better is more opaque, but the shade is very comparable.

L: Mac Syrup - R: Kiko Inspiration Rosewood

Mac Syrup - Kiko 01 Inspiration Rosewood Virtual Dream Lipstick (limited edition, latest collection Digital Emotion now in store!)
Inspiration Rosewood is more opaque.
(see me wear Syrup in My New Year's Eve make up)

L: Mac Feed The Senses - R: Catrice Gentle Nude Is Back 

Mac Feed The Senses (limited edition) - Catrice Ultimate Shine 190 Gentle Nude Is Back
Gentle Nude Is Back is a little brighter and has more of a sheen to it.
(see me wear Feed The Senses in Mac Feed The Senses)

Ladies I hope this was helpful!! Please let me know if you have more dupes for these!!
I hope you're having a great day,
love ^_^ :-*


  1. It IS super helpful...!!! So many different types of "nude"....! For some, hardly can i tell the difference in colour between the Two...!!! Thanks for taking your time for all these comparisons for your readers..! It is really really helpful..! XOXO

    1. This is really one of my favourite kind of posts to read from other bloggers, so I am honoured to offer the same help or simply entertainment to those who take the time to read me :-) Lots of love my dear, thank you so much <3


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