Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Blue Flame and Young Punk Mineralize Eyeshadows from the Style Black Collection in 2009 were the first ever MAC products I got, so now that they are back on the store counters I couldn't not write a post about them!

Clockwise: Blue Flame, Smutty Green (new shade), Young Punk, Gilt By Association (new shade)

They are best applied wet, and directly onto the skin without a primer underneath.

First off, I have to say must be the biggest fan ever of this kind of eyeshadows. I believe their unique dewy, glittery finish gives the eyes the most beautiful and enchanting look ever.

The more matte an eyeshadow is, the more it needs different shades and layers to give the eye dimension. But with these eyeshadows, it's their own glitters particles that effortlessly shape the eye whenever and wherever the light hits them.

I find application easier than other eyeshadows, as it can - or even has to - be imperfect.

All you need is a brush like MAC 217 to sweep all over the lid, because the mere presence of the eyeshadow on the eye will do all you need for your make up.

They are best applied wet, and directly onto the skin without a primer underneath.

In my experience, the primer separates the glitter from the pigment so kind of kills the effect of these eyeshadows. A little creasing wouldn't be a crime anyway, especially with this shiny look.

Also, a wet application minimizes their tendency to fall out.

In the MAC store I noticed that the repromoted versions of Blue Flame and Young Punk have silver veins which the originals didn't have, but they still appeared exactly the same on the skin.

I hope you found my review helpful :-)


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