Wednesday, November 28, 2012


  • Fluffy eyeshadow brushes: they will place and blend your eyeshadow at the same time, for a quicker application.
  • Light shimmery eyeshadows: the shimmer particles make the pigment less strong, and once the eyeshadow is applied onto your lid, they will also effortlessy help make its edges more subtle, for a quicker blending.
  • Eyepencil in the waterline: this is the simplest eyeline to trace! :) All you have to do is just go over your waterline, without working on creating a shape.
  • Bronzer: you can just dust it softly and quickly all over the contours of your face, and even if you want to apply it mostly on your cheeks, it still doesn't require the same precision that a pinky/peachy blush would.
  • Lipgloss: probably the only make up product, together with lipbalm, that can be safely applied without having a mirror! 
  • Dark matte eyeshadows: matte eyeshadows have a higher pigment concentration than satiny/shimmery ones. So dark matte eyeshadows will need more time to blend, and will also tend to cause more fallout, which you will then need to clean up.
  • Liquid eyeliner: especially those with the thin brush applicator require a lot of precision. And also time to fix them in case you make a mistake, or if in the end you realize your eyes look uneven.
  • Small eyeshadow brushes: when you don't have a lot of time to create shapes on your eyes, small brushes are redundant. Only use a small pencil brush if you want to smudge some darker eyeshadow along your lashes for a smokey touch.
  • Cream blush: it has to be worked on a little longer to blend nicely, or the risks of looking like a clown will soar indefinitely :)
  • Red/dark lipsticks: unless you go for a very sheer red or dark lipstick, you will first have to define and shape the lipline with a pencil, and then make sure that the lipstick application is even and without smudges or bleeding.

I hope you guys liked this post, I would love to know what you think and also your tips for doing your make up in a hurry! :-)


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