Sunday, October 6, 2013


Mac Violetta lipstick

I'm so excited to write about Violetta!
And with this name, doesn't it feel like you are talking about a real person??? :-)

Violetta was my first Mac lipstick! <3
I got it when it was released exactly 3 years ago - end of September/October 2010 - with the legendary Venomous Villains collection.
Seriously, that collection gave me nightmares. I couldn't sleep at night, panicking wondering if it would sell out before I could get my hands on it. I went to unmentionable extreme lenghts in order to get all the products I wanted, and still for some of them there was nothing do to - SOLD. OUT.

Oh I have to say this, I remember this phone call when I was at my local Mac store - the owner was obviously so exasperated by customers begging him for products from the Venomous Villains that I heard him say on the phone "No. No. All sold out. It's finished. NO! There's nothing left to do! It's never going to come back!"
Hahahaha pure madness!!! :-D :-D Who else remembers this collection???

Violetta was a pro product at the time, but it has since become permanent.
It is a bright magenta infused wuth fuchsia and blue microglitter, which give a purple sheen to it, best appreciated with flash light.
It has an Amplified finish.

Mac Violetta lipstick - Natural light. With flash. Natural light

On my face I kept everything else as bare as it could be without becoming washed out by such a bright lipstick, and I put my hair up in a ponytail.
It was all about Violetta!!!

I felt that my natural complexion was a little too pale to wear Violetta (or most other make up products hahaha) at its best, so I had previously topped up my self-tan.

My base was L'Oreal Lumi Magique (True Match Lumi) foundation in DW3 Gold Linen, applied with my Real Techniques stippling brush + Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NC30, and Clinique Line Smoothing concealer in 02 Light under my eyes.

On my eyes I applied Kiko Eyeshadow 175, a very dark greyish brown with no red in it not to clash with the purple lips and to keep the entire look on the cool tone.
I smoked it out with Kiko Eyeshadow 121, a delicate taupe shade.

I lined my waterline with Pupa True Kohl eyepencil 01 (black), and I applied my Helena Rubinstein Spider Eyes mascara base + Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara.

Then I used beautiful Benefit Hoola bronzer to contour softly my cheekbones, my temples and my jawline - very important especially when the hair is up, to prevent the face from looking out of place on top of the neck haha!!

To finish off the look, I highlighted the top of my cheekbones with divine Mac Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish, my favourite highlighter.

And after taking this picture, I was finally ready to start my car and go!! :-D

Now if you want to see the ultimate magenta lipstick you NEED to see Mac Flat Out Fabulous :-*

And if this is not purple enough for you, dare to see Mac Heroine lipstick if you haven't yet ;-)

Thank you for taking the time to visit me, I'll talk to you soon :-)



  1. i don't think many people can get it right to use this colour on their face. the colour is quite flashy and strong and i think it can be quite difficult to create the rest of make up that goes well with this and here, i MUST say that you got it (again!) just so RIGHT...! as you said, "everything else as bare as it can be" makes this "Violetta" roooock....! great job, again, MJ...! thanks to your postings, i get the new ideas and learn new tricks about make-up..!thanx..!

    1. Yes flashy!! That's Violetta!! :)))
      When you want to wear a flashier lip and play it safe with the eyes, brown is your best bet ;) A cool ashy brown, or a warm chocolaty brown, depending on personal preference or skin/eye colour. You can even use face bronzer instead of eyeshadow!
      I'm very happy to be exchanging tips and thoughts with you, thank you SO MUCH for your time and your interest :-*


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