Saturday, March 1, 2014


Mac Impassioned lipstick
Last summer I posted on my Instagram @mjintheskywithglitter this look created around beautiful Impassioned, and more recently I wrote here a post about dupes for Mac lipsticks, which included Impassioned too.

But today when I read lovely Anoushka's post from Anoushka Loves about Impassioned, I realized I had never actually written an entire post about it :-O
Such a stunning and unique shade surely deserves one, so here we go!

Impassioned is the most unique and bright neon coral-y fuchsia with blinding side effects.
Seriously, SO bright that you won't believe it unless you've tried it on.

It has an Amplified finish and a creamy texture. It is part of the permanent range.

If you want to read the entire post I mentioned about the Mac dupes go to Mac dupes - Red, bright and dark lipsticks from Sleek :-)

Thank you for taking the time to visit me, let me know in a comment if you have Impassioned too, or tag me in your Instagram pictures! :-*




  1. Now it works.....! Anyway..i wrote about how fabulous your hairstyle is...!!!!it's different from your usual straight hair but does the job to make you look gorgeous.!
    Then i wrote about the lip rocks on you! Though i am not brave enough to try it on myself.!
    Thank you for the post, MJ.!!! Hope you're having a great Sunday! :-)

    1. Thank you YI!! :-D
      The hairstyle wasn't really planned, I had just undone the braid I had been wearing for the entire day and the hair sort of came out like that!!
      So then I looked at Impassioned in my make up bag and said "Come on let's do it!!" hahaha!!!!! :-D
      Thank you so much for your comment babe, have a sweet night :-*

  2. I don't have this lipstick in my collection but it just looks so beautiful on you! You made me want to run out and get it ;-)

    1. Thank you so much Marta, so nice of you!!
      I've seen you have Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar, I have it too and I can tell you that both are in the same neon watermelon colour range, so yes give Impassioned a try too!!
      Thank you for your lovely comment, have a beautiful day :-*

  3. It looks amazing on you!!! I love it :) thanks for the mention!

    Anoushka xxx

    1. You're so welcome Anoushka!! :-)
      Thank you, have a lovely day!! :-*

  4. This looks so stunning on you my dearest MJ. I have this in my collection and rarely ever reach for it, after reading this, I thought to my self " this lipstick is in your collection for a reason" so I went to take a look at it and also swatch it... Surely enough it's just as beautiful as you described it. Thank you MJ for reminding me how much of a hoarder I am hahaha!!! Love you my friend and it's always a pleasure reading your posts, my day is instantly brightened so thank you for that ❤️❤️

    1. My beautiful friend, not only do you inspire me as a make up partner in crime, but most of all as a human being, so thank YOU. Love u xx


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