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Lovely Ashleigh from Le Beaute Luxe tagged me to do this tag she created about our favourite lipstick+lipgloss combination for different colour categories.

Aren't you jealous you didn't come up with this idea first?? Because I am haha, I love this tag!! :-D

So here are my picks:

Lip Duo Tag

1. Nude
Nyx Summer Love + Barry M Lip Gloss 2
The lipstick has a satin sheen, and the lipgloss has a gorgeous subtle silver shimmer - and I see some pink and green particles too - which helps giving your lips dimension and prevents such a pale nude from sliding into concealer effect territory and wash out your face.
But the reason why this is my favourite nude lipgloss is its scent. It smells like the birthday cake of your dreams like you want to eat it with the entire tube, seriously.

2. Light pink
Mac Angel + Nars Turkish Delight
Kim Kardashian famously said this is her favourite lip combination, and yes, it really is the most beautiful and flattering milky pink.
Nars lipglosses are a little on the pricey side, but they have an incredible mirror shine and are very longlasting.

3. Coral / Orange
Mac Dreaming Dahlia + Mac Star Quality, from their new Fantasy Of Flowers collection.
For these two, words fail me. You can only stare at them in silence, wondering how such a unique shade of a blinding coral-y orange could happen. Just looking at them gives me life.
This is the look I created with this duo My Mac Neon Orange look + dupes

4. Bright pink
Mac Impassioned lipstick + Mac Impassioned Lipglass
This is one of the most iconic shades by Mac, I have an entire post about the lipstick here Mac Impassioned lipstick
The lipstick is part of the permanent collection, the lipgloss was released in limited edition as part of the Fashion Sets collection in spring 2012.

5. Red
Mac Russian Red + Mac Pro Longwear Lipglass in Driven By Love
Once you put on statement lipstick Russian Red (again, I have an entire post about it here (Mac Russian Red vs Ruby Woo), it's not like you feel the need to top it up with another product.
But if there's one thing that can top up Russian Red, that's Driven By Love lipgloss.
This formula is literally real paint. It coats your lips with a dangerously hot patent shine like I have only seen in portraits by David LaChapelle.
One time I wore it, I had girls coming up to me in the street to ask me what I had on my lips!!!!

6. Berry / Purple
This duo is actually a mauve shade. It is Kiko Unlimited Stylo in 13 Cocoa + Kiko Extra Volume Lipgloss in 13 Pearly Peony Pink.
The lipstick is my new favourite lipstick, I am wearing it here My #nofilter #selfiesaturday make up
I love the shade and I love the formula.
The lipgloss looks equally beautiful in the tube (I used it so much that the inner vial containing the gloss came off the outer part of the tube!), but once applied to the lips it's barely visible, so when I first got it I was pretty disappointed.
But now that I have Cocoa Unlimited Stylo, super pigmented and super opaque, just a thin coat of gloss in the same shade with a little shimmer is PERFECTION.
Definitely my most used lip combo.

7. Most unique colour in your collection
Mac Violetta + Mac Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass
My beloved Violetta!! One of my all-time favourite lipsticks and favourite things in the world!!
It is a divine magenta shade with a blueish pearlescence to it, please see it up close here Mac Violetta lipstick
And I course I couldn't pair it with anything else other than Revenge Is Sweet, the lipgloss it was released with in the Venomous Villains collection which took the world by storm in fall 2010.

I hope you liked my picks, thank you again Ashleigh for tagging me, I loved doing your tag!!

Super sweet Danielle from has already done this tag too The Love Of Lipstick - Lip Duos!, go check out what lip duos she picked!!

And now I am going to tag my favourite girls





Lottie Mayy


Rachel (YouTube video Not Two Normal - Lip Duo Tag)


Linzi Louisa


Tahana Lee

to show us their favourite lip duos!!
All of them have a make up collection that could bring a dead back to life, so I can't wait to see what their picks will be!! ^_^

Hugs to my girls and hugs to everybody else who's reading this, please write me in a comment the link to your blogpost or YouTube video if you do this tag too!!

Thank you for reading :-)



  1. Hardly ever do i use both lipstick and a lipgloss..! I just don't like much the feeling of wearing lipgloss though i do have some. Well...i didn't like much the colour of the lipgloss given to me as a gift, why haven't i ever had the idea of using it along with any other colour of the lipsticks i have..! Thanks for the precious tip again, MJ..!!!! Can you see that i have been waiting for your new post!!???;)) xoxo

    1. Haha of course!! Mix it and create your own unique shade!! ;-)
      But then if you don't like the feeling of a lipgloss, regardless of the shade, you really don't have to wear it :-)

      Thank you for reading, commenting and always being so enthusiastic <3

      Love you :-*

  2. Thanks Hun!!! Just posted mine on instagram :-) love all your picks!

    1. Seen it, read it, loved it, commented it ;-)))
      We both picked Violetta!! ^_^

      Thank you, big kiss :-*

  3. Love! I wish I had the coloring for Angel and Turkish Delight. I drool over them but they look freaky on my olive skin tone. Great read :-)
    Xo, D.

    1. But if Kim Kardashian looks like a goddess wearing them you sure aren't darker than her?
      I will not believe they wouldn't look gorgeous on you, please try them or equivalent shades again!! :-*

  4. Thanks for the tag lovely! Can't wait to do this! :-) xx

    1. Thank you!!
      See you soon on your blog then!! ^_^

  5. Great tag! I'm afraid I don't have enough lip glosses to make this tag though :( but I really like your suggestions! I can't wait to see your look for the Coral/orange duo!! They look amazing!

    1. Thank you hunny!!
      Feel free to do this tag anytime in the future then, and thank you for coming over here anyway ^_^

  6. First time I have been on your blog! Love it! and the first post is all about Lipsticks!!!! My Fav! x
    Nikita xxx

    1. Ooh what a surprise!!! :-D #fanmoment ^_^
      I'm so happy you enjoyed my post about lipsticks, you always look stunning with your signature Ruby Woo!! <3

      Thank you for coming to visit me, lots of love :-*

  7. Thanks for tagging me dear! Love your post and your picks - such gorgeous combinations! Don't have many lipglosses but will have to dig them out and see what I can do! =D

    1. Ooh yes Amanda, I'd be very curious to see your picks, I'm sure you have some fascinating Asian lip products up your sleeve haha ^_^

      Love xx


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