Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Mac Heroine lipstick

Mac Heroine lipstick and lipgloss

He says my kiss feels like morphine, I hope my name tastes like sardines to these b*tches....I am wearing Mac Heroine!!

I'm not sure what I should write in this post.
I mean, once you post a picture - actually 4 in this case - of Mac Heroine lipstick, what can you possibly say to accompany them.

But maybe it would be a little rude if I just posted the pictures without saying anything at all? :-/

Haha so ok, let me start by saying that when I first saw this lipstick, I didn't like it.
I tried it on anyway because I still wanted to like it and buy it just for conversational and networking purposes, so that on Instagram I would be able to engage in conversations about such a hot topic and wouldn't feel left out.
I still didn't really like it.

Then yesterday I went to Mac with my best friend to ransack for hoarding purposes to view in person for reviewing purposes their new Alluring Aquatic collection.

I tried on Heroine again to show my friend why I didn't like it.
And I don't know, maybe it was some different lighting, maybe I was more (self-)tanned than the previous time... this time I was like WOW!!!
My friend loved it at first sight and said straight away I should get it :-)

And then my lovely Mac girl told me she had something else I might like, and pulled out of a drawer Heroine LIPGLASS, from last year's limited edition!!

I immediately applied it on top of the lipstick and oh, how BEAUTIFUL!!!
My friend screamed "It's so shiny, your lips look like plastic!!" :-D

The rest, girls, is history ^_^

Mac Heroine lipgloss, Mac Heroine lipstick, Mac Violetta, Mac Flat Out Fabulous

Heroine lipstick is a very bright red-toned purple - its red tone was actually the reason why I didn't really like it at first, because I found it was too red of a purple - and has a matte finish.
Compared to other matte lipsticks by Mac, it is creamier while being equally pigmented.
In fact, when you take it off it will leave a strong fuchsia stain.

Heroine Lipglass is pinker than the lipstick and has very subtle purple microglitters.

Compared to Heroine, Mac Violetta is a little more sheer and light, and has a blue perlescence to it (more in-depth review here Mac Violetta).
Mac Flat Out Fabulous is significantly more pink and has a drier texture (more in-depth review here Mac Flat Out Fabulous).

Girls did you get Heroine??
I would love to see what looks you created with it, please tag me @mjintheskywithglitter on Instagram, or tweet me @mj_sky_glitter!!! <3

Below is my unfiltered Heroine look :-)

Thank you for reading my post and sharing my excitement!!
Here is my post with what I picked up from the new Mac Alluring Aquatic collection !!

Have a beautiful day :-*


Mac Heroine lipstick


  1. OMG!!!!!!YOU LOOK FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!seriously!!! I would normally think that such a colour on your lips wouldn't go well with smokey eyes, because it seems a little too much of a make-up to me, but looking at you right now, i am completely wrong...!the colour goes perfectly well with your eye make-up!!!it's beeeeeautiful!!!really! Don't knock out poor innocent guys on the street with this look, MJ!!! I have a word for this look that just came into my mind..!"Femme Fatale!" Truly a "femme fatale" look!! Thanks for the post as always!very much looking forward to the next one with "alluring aqua"! xxx

    1. I'm jumping all across the room just reading your comment!!!!
      Yes this make up turned out a lot of fun, I actually did the eyes before knowing I would end up with Heroine on my lips before the sun set and the moon rose hahaha!! :-D

      I'm super thrilled you like this look so much and I am every time more grateful for all your support and encouragement!!!

      Stay beautiful, lots of love <3

  2. I am IN LOVE with purple lips. Heroine has been on my list of products to pick up but I think I will wait for my next Back2MAC swap. HOWEVER that lipglass! I wish I had know about it :( All purple everything!

    Pleasure as always.
    Xo, D.

    1. Dani I'm not going to deny that my first thought when my Mac mua pulled out Heroine lipgloss was "My blogpost tho" ...hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you for reading and commenting sweetheart
      xoxo :-)


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