Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hello girls!
I am SO overjoyed I could get my hands on this dress by H&M, that this inspired me to write my FIRST fashion post!!!! :)))

I am sure you have seen it before, this is one of the dresses Gisele Bundchen wears in the current H&M Spring/Summer campaign.

It doesn't have a name - on the H&M website it is simply called Chiffon Dress, same as 20 other dresses :-/ - but calling it "Gisele's dress" and saying "I am wearing Gisele's dress" sounds cool enough for me to overlook the lack of more specific references haha :-D

It has all of my favourite colours!
It has an elasticized band at the waist and the skirt has a wrapover front.
Two open sections in the back and the different lengths - below the knee in the front, mid-calf in the back - give it even more of an edge.

I wore it with a blue jean jacket - also from H&M's current collection -, and a black bag with a chain strap - from H&M's Summer collection last year.

The heels are Kathryn sandals from Aldo - from last year.

I accessorized my outfit with my favourite earrings, gold with turquoise drops <3 - from H&M Summer 2012, but many simlar alternatives are currently in store!!

Below you can see me wear the same outfit with a hoodie by Abercrombie&Fitch instead of the denim jacket, just because that day I was in London and the temperature was a little colder than I expected ^_^

Dress: H&M USA - H&M UK - H&M Deutschland - H&M Danmark - H&M Sverige
Denim jacket: H&M USA - H&M UK - H&M France - H&M Deutschland - H&M Italia - H&M Danmark - H&M Sverige - H&M België - H&M Россия
Sorry guys I searched other countries too but I couldn't find these items on the local website :-(

I hope you enjoyed my first #OutfitOfTheDay blogpost!! :-)
And if you got this dress too, please show me how you wear it!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog <3
If you want to see what I wore in Paris and how I styled my hair please check out My Parisian White OOTD + 60s Hairstyle :-)



  1. Even a fashion post now....???!!! Wow...!! I'm already very much looking forward to the next ones regarding fashion!!! Gisele's dress looks great on you!!! Can't wait to see your next OOTD! Thanks as always MJ! xoxo

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the surprise my sweetest friend!! ^_^
      It always makes me so happy to read your comments, thank you for always encouraging me, I can't wait to share more outfits with you!!
      <3 :-*


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