Wednesday, June 25, 2014


My Parisian White OOTD

Bonjour ladies!! ^_^
I would like to share with you the outfit I wore in Paris!

White satin camisole from H&M: H&M UK - H&M USA - H&M France - H&M Danmark - H&M Sverige
White jean jacket from Versace Classic
Maxi skirt with zebra pattern from H&M
Pink powder handbag with chain strap from H&M
Necklace with heart shaped pendant from Bershka

My Parisian White OOTD
And when I posted this picture from the Eiffel Tower on my Instagram @mjintheskywithglitter I received so many compliments on my hairstyle!! :-O

In particular my sweet friend Annika @annipr13 said it reminded her of Brigitte Bardot, which as I already said before is my all time beauty icon, so I'll show you how I created my 60s inspired hairstyle :-)

Claire's 3 pack Bumpits Hair Volumizing Leave-In Inserts

This is a plastic hair tool from Claire's Accessories (3-Pack Bumpits Hair Volumizing Leave-In Inserts).
I got mine on sale last summer, if you can't find it anymore this is the most similar tool I could find that's currently in store Blonde Quiff Kit and Brunette Quiff Kit

It is SO easy to use.
  • You take the front portion of your hair and flip it over in front of your face
  • Place the tool at the root of the parted section. It has all those little "teeth" that will grip to your hair, so once you place it it won't move anymore
  • Flip the parted hair back covering the tool, and pin the hair with 2-3 bobby pins. If you make a ponytail you won't need the pins because the elastic band of the ponytail will be enough to keep everything in place.
This is it, literally 2 minutes!!

Please let me know if you give it a try!! :-)))
If you want to see what I wore in London please check out My Boho Glam OOTD wearing Gisele's dress :-)

Enjoy your summer day ladies, au revoir ^_^



  1. It is soooo true, you look so much like BB here, especially with one of the important symbols of Paris in the background..!!!! :))) the hair and the make-up..! You could create a BB-inspired look with this..! I'm reeeally enjoying this OOTD in various cities...! It makes me wonder, which city will be the next one....!?? I'm already super curious! Am very much looking for the next city with your fabulous OOTD or OOTN..! A Bientot!!! :)) xoxo

    1. Haha reading your comments is so exciting!!

      Yes I thought it would be cool to start posting my #OOTDs & #MOTDs from different places, inspired somehow by the city I am in :-)
      So in Paris my inspiration had to be a BB in white :-)

      Thank you so much for your neverending support, it means so much <3

  2. Ah you look absolutely gorgeous Mon Cherie! I love a bit of Bridget Bardot and you carry the look off perfectly!

    Lots of love

    1. Thank you so much Anoushka, your opinion means a lot!! <3 <3
      Love you xxx

  3. Love this post, you look so gorgeous and chic in Paris. You hair looks stunning as usual!
    Love it!

    1. Thank you so much beautiful Elle!! <3 <3


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