Thursday, May 8, 2014


Mac Alluring Aquatic collection

Ok this is hands down the MOST. BEAUTIFUL. make up packaging EVER.
Metallic aqua with 3D waterdrops on it.

I will never put these in a drawer. They will sit on my nightstand forever. Maybe I will put a couple in the kitchen too. I want to be surrounded by them at all times, just to see how beautiful they are.

The colours are not as exciting as the packaging, but I'm thrilled with the pieces I got nonetheless :-)

So here is what I picked up from the new Mac Alluring Aquatic collection!

Mac Alluring Aquatic collection
Enchanted One lipstick: it is a medium tone nude, slightly on the warmer side, it is very opaque and has a matte finish.
Warm nudes are the shade of lipstick you're least likely to see on me, but I found that this looked very sophisticated.

Water Deities Lipglass: it is a light rosy shimmery bronze. Applied on top of Enchanted One, it brings it from sophisticated to divine.
I immediately had this vision of myself sitting by the seafront in Thessaloníki or Santorini at sunset, pulling Water Deities out of my handbag and casually touching up my lipstick, and totally feeling like a Grecian water goddess.
So yeah you know it, I got the duo.

Modern Lure Lipglass: it is a deep red wine shade with purple and bronze flecks.
This one didn't really induce mythological visions, but it was already gorgeous enough to get it.

Fathoms Deep Extra Dimension Eyeshadow: it is a stunning dark grey with a blue/purple sheen to it.
The shade per se didn't really look that unique to me, but the texture, oh the texture is like nothing else I have ever tried before. Is it soooo finely milled it literally "feels like silk", to use my best friend's words who was with me.

Legendary Lure Extra Dimension Eyeshadow: another stunning dark grey, with a forest green sheen to it. I found this shade more unique than Fathoms Deep, with the same incredible silky texture.

Aphrodite's Shell Extra Dimension Bronzer: it is a rosy bronze with a satin finish, very flattering and natural looking.
The other shade, Delphic, was a little more golden and dark, and it will look a-ma-zing on skin tones more yellow and dark than mine.

Girls what did you pick up from this collection?
Is there something else you think I really should get?? I'm still in time!!!! :-O

I hope you found my review helpful and you are all doing great <3

Yesterday while I was at Mac I also got uber-popular Heroine lipstick and Lipglass, if you love them too I hope you will like the look I created + review here Mac Heroine lipstick :-)

Lots of love and thank you for taking the time to read <3


Girls I'm back to let you know I also got Delphic Extra Dimension Bronzer!!!
If you want to see how I used it in my Arabic inspired make up, please go to My Lebanese Nights OOTN and Arabic inspired make up ^_^
I also included Delphic in my favourite make up products for June here June Favourites + Mac dupe!

Mac Alluring Aquatic collection - from L to R: Aphrodite's Shell, Modern Lure, Water Deities, Enchanted One, Fathoms Deep, Legendary Lure


  1. Wow..!two new posts in a row within 24 hours..!!!thank you MJ!! It's always such a joy to read what you wrote!;))
    You got so may things from this collection..!!do you think you still need to get more..?haha...! I totally agree with you that the packaging looks so nice...those 3D water drops...such a great idea!haha but i couldn't stop laughing when i read the part where you wrote that you wanted to put them even in your kitchen!!!!i can imagine so easily that your kitchen doesn't have plates on the shelf but full of make-up products!!!hahaha..!!!
    Thanks for all the tips and your opinions regarding this new collection!they are all truly appreciated!!i also love the nude lipstick and the lip gloss of the same tone..!it does seem like all the other nude lipsticks that we know..!there's a little more orange (i might be wrong) touch to it and as you say it must look so nice on your lips towards the sunset after a long day spent under the sun by the pool or on the beach...!
    Thanks for the post as always..!!! xoxo

    1. I can't wait to wear EVERYTHING from this collection!!
      I'm just not sure I will really be in Santorini when this happens hahaha :-P

      Thank you so much, lots of love to you <3 :-*

  2. Ah!i also love the eye shadows...!!especially the colour or legendary lure..seems very unique!!!! Would like very much to see it applied on your eyes!:)) kisses

    1. I am actually wearing both eyeshadows in my Heroine look, too bad you can't really tell from the pictures :-(
      No doubt I will wear them again soon!!

      Kisses x

  3. I loooove the looks of this collection. I'm waiting until it hits stores next week because as a rule of thumb I like to swatch before I purchase. But the extra dimension bronzer looks beautiful! I also want to look at the blushes! And the lipsticks of course... I'm a sucker for the limited edition lipsticks lately.

    Thanks for the read.
    Xo, D.

    1. I passed on the blushes this time because they were too coppery and warm toned for my liking - kind of the same issue I've always had with Stereo Rose.

      But overall this is a beautiful BEAUTIFUL collection, I can't wait to see what your picks will be!!

      Love xxx <3

  4. MJ, as allways it was such a joy to read your post!
    I can totally understand what you mean, that you want to surround yourself with this beautiful packaging! I'm often sitting there at my makeup-desk and just watch them feels so good-hahaha Am I crazy right now? :D
    Please rocking on like this, I'm looking forward to the next post!
    Have you seen the Playland LE yet? MAC is killing my bankaccount at the moment!
    kisses & huggs

    1. I saw Playland but I didn't get anything because I was blinded by Alluring Aquatic...needless to say I suddenly wanted everything from Playland after seeing your pictures hahaha!! ^_^

      Love you xx

  5. Such a joy to read your articles - honestly, you have such a beautiful writing style, and its magical when you pull from your travel experience to inform your writing, just absolutely captivating! I love the idea of putting some of the pieces out in my are totally right, every room in my house could benefit from the beauty that is this stunning collection!

    1. Haha you're too funny you brought my post to the next level hahaha!! :-D

      I'm so touched by your compliments, your words mean more than you can imagine <3

      Maybe you're still in time to snatch up Water Deities to apply on top of your Enchanted One, and jet to Santorini and be a Grecian water goddess too hahaha!!!!!! :-D

      Thank you so much my beautiful friend xx

    2. Aw, you are so sweet! Your comments on my pics and videos always leave me feeling so happy and blessed! SO happy that I could pass along some happiness and sunshine.
      You are tempting me...Greece is at the top of my travel bucket list, and if I could 'get there' for right now for the price of a MAC gloss...very tempting!
      Thank you for being you, and for your constant inspiration and love!


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