Saturday, August 9, 2014


Mac Kelly Osbourne collection

Hello beautiful girls!!

This is what I got from the new Mac Kelly Osbourne collection!! (I didn't pick up anything from the Sharon collection)

Jolly Good Mineralize Skinfinish - if my face was its natural colour, these would be like my custom-made contouring and highlighting shades.
But we all know that my skin is nowhere near its natural colour because I regularly self-tan haha, so these become more blushing/highlighting shades for me.
And I can't even explain, see how cool toned, almost taupy and ashy they are?
When applied on tanned skin, while "ashy" wouldn't normally be considered as a good look, like I said I can NOT explain how beautiful this product in fact looks.
It creates this unique pinky-taupy cheekbone that looks DIVINE.
I don't know if it's because it connects to the white of the eye, and they brighten each other up?
Or because I have blue eyes maybe it connects to the blue of my eyes?
I have no idea, all I can say is that if you still have the chance to try Jolly Good you have to try it on yourself, and see how it "reacts" against your skin and your own colours.
It might be wrong for you or it might be right, but if it's right I promise it will be VERY right.

(in the picture below, the first swatch is both shades blended, then the darker shade, then the lighter shade)

In Synch lip pencil - it's a yellow pink and it's part of the permanent line

Riot House lipstick - had you ever seen a true apricot lipstick?? I hadn't!! It's sooo pretty!!!
To be realistic, unfortunately I don't think it would be ideal on medium to dark skin tones, but the paler the skin the most beautiful this is going to look!!
It has a matte finish.

Dodgy Girl lipstick - this is hands down the most beautiful piece of the collection. It is a very unique true lavender, such an unexpected twist from our usual cool pink!!
Again, I believe the paler the skin the more flattering it will look.
It has a matte finish too.

Mac Kelly Osbourne collection - from L to R: Jolly Good, In Synch, Riot House, Dodgy Girl

And now some dupes I have found for you!! <3

L: Mac Riot House - R: I Heart Makeup Dream About Success

Mac Riot House - I Heart Makeup "Dream About Success" (from new UK brand Makeup Revolution)
Unfortunately these two don't swatch as similar as they look in the bullet, but that's the best I could come up with in the new unexplored apricot shade territory :(
But if you really wanted to get Riot House and missed on it, I think Dream About Success is the most yellow a pink can get before turning into a true apricot, so why not start from there :)
I promise I will keep searching and I will let you know if I find more similar dupes!! <3

L: Mac Dodgy Girl - R: Mac Asian Flower

Mac Dodgy Girl - Mac Asian Flower
The finish is different because Dodgy Girl is matte, while Asian Flower from their Sheen Supreme line is more sheer and glossy.
But again, if you missed out on Dodgy Girl, the shade is pretty much identical, and Asian Flower is always available because it is a permanent product.
If you want to have more coverage from Asian Flower, you can apply a more opaque cool pink lipstick first, and then put Asian Flower on top to mute the cool pink and turn it into a lavender :)

Girls I hope this post was helpful!!
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And if you have a request about a specific Mac lipstick you would like to find a dupe for, please feel free to ask and I will check my collection for you ^_^

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I've been waiting for this collection and now that it is here I haven't got the money. It looks so beautiful!
    I love the dupes you have found thanks so much for sharing them!
    xo Holly xo


    1. There's clearly a gap in the market for these apricot and lavender shades haha, I'm sure it won't be long before more and more dupes pop up in drugstores ;-)

      Now we can stop worrying about the Osbourne collection anyway, there's already like 2 new collections out as we speak hahaha!!!!

      Love you xx :-*

  2. MJ, now I'm jealous as hell :D hahaha... I can't even buy ONE pieces of this collection!!!
    You know I stayed at the hospital for a while and because of that I can't get anything!
    Did you know where I can get the new UK Makeup brand you mentioned? Is it possible to buy it online? This Lipstick looks soooo gorgeous!I can't wait to see it on you!!
    Hugs & kisses my dear!


    1. It makes me so sad to remember that you were in hospital... :-(

      I've just checked the website, and they currently have a worldwide free shipping offer, so among the other good news, they do ship worldwide!!!

      I also got their dupes for the Naked palettes, I will try them soon and let you know how I like them!

      Many kisses my sweet friend <3 :-*

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the dupe for Dodgy Girl - I was kinda bummed when we didn't get this collection. :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh no!! Finding a collection all sold out is bad, but not having the chance to see it at all and swatch the product just to see in person what they look like is even worse :((((
      I hope you can find more dupes soon babe!! :)

      Love xxx <3


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