Friday, November 14, 2014


October favourites
Hello girls,
here are my favourite products from last month!

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil - this is a very popular product I had always heard about, and I always knew I would eventually get it.
It is the most decadent blackened red/plum shade. Even if it is so dark, it is so perfect with that perfect balance between red, plum and black, that it always looks beautiful and sophisticated.

Here I am wearing it with another favourite from last month, Mac Smoked Purple lipstick.

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil, Mac Smoked Purple lipstick

Mac Smoked Purple lipstick is a blackened purply plum. Compared to Nightmoth it has more purple to it, while Nightmoth has more red.

Mac Nightmoth lip pencil, Mac Smoked Purple lipstick

Kiko Exquisite Jasper Green eyeshadow - a wonder-in-a-pot shimmery antique gold with a touch of olive, in a mousse texture, from the brand new Kiko eyeshadow line <3
You can see swatches and full review here Kiko Luxurious Collection: The Eyeshadows

Essence Jacob's Protection nail polish - this is my top favourite glitter nail polish, a beautiful midnight blue with light blue glitter, basically my life. Unfortunately it was a limited edition from their Twilight collection a couple of years ago.
Like all my nail polishes from Essence, with this one too I have the issue that it starts chipping within a few hours from application - but then again we have to consider the upside and how inexpensive these nail polishes are -, but I just love it too much.

Mac Everything That Glitters nail polish - this is another limited edition from the Holiday Collection 2012, and is a very opaque black with bright multicolor glitter.

As soon as I saw Exciting Dark Brown from Kiko, it reminded me of it.
The one from Kiko is not brown like the name suggest, nor black like Everything That Glitters - its base is a charcoal grey. And it has a textured finish, while the one from Mac has the regular nail polish finish.
But if you missed out on the Mac one and like dark glitter nail polishes, I am sure you will love the one from Kiko too.
If you don't like the textured finish, you can apply a gel top coat on it and make it shiny :)
You can see it on my nails here Kiko Haute Punk collection (Holidays 2014)

Girls I hope you enjoyed these favourites of mine as much as I have.
Now I'll be catching up with your monthly favourites on your blogs and YouTube channels!!
Thank you for reading,


Mac Everything That Glitters nail polish - Kiko Exciting Dark Brown nail polish


  1. Absolutely love the lipstick and lip liner! They look amazing on. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Thank you so much sweetie, I'm very happy you liked this look!! :)


  2. That whole Nightmoth/Smoked Purple combo looks AMAZING on you!

    and beauty or something.

    1. Mind you I had made my skin so much darker for this look that I almost switched race haha, next time I'll try them with a complexion closer to natural ^_^

      All the love <3 :-*

  3. The two polishes do look very similar! On a completely different note, I just picked up one of the MAC Heirloom pigment sets (Rose Pigments) - they are so beautiful.

    I loved the way that you put this together and of course, I loved learning more about you! You know, I use to be a vegetarian! But I definitely don't eat that way anymore - I enjoy a good cut of red meat now and again. I could probably live without chicken though. My favourite answer "any profanity laden hip hop song". Love it! xo

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. What pigment sets from Mac Holiday collections are not achingly beautiful!!
      I want them ALL every year, and this year is no different haha, only pigments are often repeated so I already have many of them from past sets :)


  4. You are rocking that lipstick Sweetie!!! Love it :-) xxx

    1. Thank you boo, I'm happy you like it!! xx
      <3 <3


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