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Kiko Haute Punk collection

Hello girls,
I'm very excited to show you the new holiday collection from Kiko, Haute Punk collection!!

First off though...Haute Punk?? ...why? :-/ Not my favourite sounding word combination.
And what's "punk" about a red and gold packaged Christmas collection, where sophisticated red, mauve, champagne and smokey shades are predominant?

So yeah, not sure about the naming of it, but anyway if we can get past it - and we can and will, because it is a gorgeous collection!!

I will show you a few essentials I got from this collection ^_^
I will be adding more pictures and swatches, so keep an eye on this post and come back from time to time if you would like to see more.
In the meantime, if you would like a more in-depth review or swatches of a product in particular, please let me know in a comment, so I can do the most requested products first :-)

Kiko Haute Punk collection

So this is what I got from the collection:

Kiko Smokey Colour palette

Kiko Smokey Colour palette

Beauty Apotheosis 02 Smokey Colour palette on two levels containing
6 eyeshadows
   shimmering champagne for highlighter
   shimmery taupe
   matte dark brown
   satin grey
   satin brown with a hint of olive
   matte black
1 bronzer - very nice natural shade with a delicate satin finish
1 blush - a universally flattering intense dusty pink
1 double-ended eyeshadow applicator - not what I would use to do my eye make up, but if you're on the go with the palette in your purse at least it's there for a touch up
1 bronzer/blush brush
2 mirrors - yes, TWO beautiful big mirrors, one on each level! Mirrors in make up palettes are everything, so great job on this Kiko!!!

Kiko Unique Rosy Mauve lipstick
01 Unique Rosy Mauve lipstick
This is a beautiful pinky mauve shade with a lustre finish. Again, this will be flattering on eeevvvrybody. I think it will be really nice for younger girls too :-)
And wait, while the colour per se is not the most unique, what's incredible about this lipstick is how it feels on the lips.
Please give it a try. If you apply it with your eyes closed and don't know it's a lipstick, you will think you're applying a lip balm.
It is soooo creamy and buttery on the lips, really it's amazing. More buttery than a lip balm, you absolutely have to try it.

Kiko Tasteful Rosy Mauve Face and Body Powder

02 Tasteful Rosy Mauve Face and Body Powder
I have so many blushes and bronzers and highlighters that this is the last thing I needed, but how gorgeous are these shades Kiko!!!!
And that flawless silky smooth touch they have on your fingers, oh why Kiko why!!!
So yeah, I got it.
And it's a whopping 22g of product, plus a powder puff if you want to apply it on your body too.
If you prefer more coraly tones, its twin 01 Stylish Pink Coral will make you weak in the knees.

110 Ebony/Golden Steel Double Glam Eyeliner pencil
It's a double ended eye pencil. One side is a dark cool toned brown, and the other side I was going to describe it as a metallic antique gold, but golden steel says it all really.
I didn't get more pencils because I already have a few of them from previous collections. If you don't, check out the other pencils too, they are all super smooth and pigmented, and they all come in beautiful colour combinations.

Kiko Alternative Grey Taupe and Exciting Dark Brown nail polishes

Kiko Alternative Grey Taupe and Exciting Dark Brown nail polishes

05 Alternative Grey Taupe nail polish
It is a stunning darkened silver that will dry with a textured finish. And I'm telling you, even after it dries textured, it will still be as sparkling as you see it in the bottle.
Absolutely unique product, I definitely recommend it.

Kiko Exciting Dark Brown nail polish

06 Exciting Dark Brown nail polish
Ok forget "brown" and substitute it with "charcoal". This is a true charcoal with multicolour shimmer.
And glitter swimming in a pool of black gives me life!! See, it's the very first thing I have worn from the collection.
It dries textured too, like all nail polishes in this collection. I'm thinking I might love it even more if it was shiny, so I will also try it with a gel-like top coat.

Phew such a long post! Now you can see why I couldn't take more pictures and do more swatches at this time haha.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see more of :-)

Also, here you can see all the eyeshadows from the other new Kiko collection, Queen Of The Light Kiko Queen of the Light Luxurious Collection

Thank you for reading,



  1. I love all these golden collections in the winter time! :D <3<3<3<3

    1. Me too hunny haha I'm so excited about this one ^_^

      Love you xx <3

  2. The Rosy Mauve Lippie and Face & Body Powder are beautiful and definitely colours that one would get a lot of wear out of! The shape of the lipstick bullet is so interesting. Do you find it helps with application? xo

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hmm I don't think it helps or makes a difference with application, I'd say it's just to give it an edgier look.
      Come to think of it, the traditionally shaped pointed bullet is probably better, because it can draw the cupid's bow and the top lipline better.
      But being a natural shade with a lustre finish, precision of application is not an issue with this lipstick ;-)

      Love xx

  3. It's a beautiful collection.. The colours are beautiful! I'm in love! <3


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