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Cleanse by Lauren Napier

Hello girls,
tonight I will tell you about the newest addition to my vanity and current night routine, Cleanse by Lauren Napier, luxury face wipes by celebrity make up artist Lauren Napier!!

Lauren Napier - picture from

I was lucky enough to get to know beautiful Lauren via social media.
When she learned that I am a flight attendant she offered to send me a package with her products, and even added a lovely note for me [cries like a Japanese manga]

Cleanse by Lauren Napier are individually wrapped face wipes and come in very luxurious looking sleek black sachets.
Being individually wrapped, they will not dry out.
And Lauren made them the perfect size to fit in our make up bag or the smallest of our handbags.

No joke, sometimes with the smallest of my evening clutches I have to choose between taking with me my phone or some cash, my lipgloss for touch ups or my car keys, hahaha does this happen to anybody else????

Ok, Lauren's sachets will NOT cause this problem. They won't take up any space.
You can have Cleanse by Lauren Napier with you, and still safely drive back home - or to whoever's house you're going to go to.
You can have Cleanse by Lauren Napier with you, and still be able to make phone calls and upload your #OutfitOfTheNight picture on Instagram.

Just one wipe will take all your make up off.
You know I'm not one to go nude with the eye make up, nor sheer with the bronzer (please feel free to check my Instagram @mjintheskywithglitter for proof), but just one of these wipes takes EVERYTHING off.
My 19 coats of mascara, gel eyeliner, even the bronzer on my ears - in case you are wondering why I would wear bronzer on my ears, well having ears of a different colour that look like they belong to another face would make me look even MORE insane, so I go for the lesser evil and bronze them up too -, so all of it, it all GOES.

Also, I have sensitive eyes, and with many make up removers I have had the issue that they either don't take the make up off or irritate my eyes.
Lauren's wipes take all my make up off while still being gentle on my eyes, and I'm very happy about it.

Cleanse by Lauren Napier

I was so instantly fascinated by Lauren and her career that I was curious to know more and I asked her a lot of questions :-)
She was so nice and happy to answer, so it resulted in a small interview to share with all of you :-)

I asked her:

Lauren where are you from and how did you start your career?
I was born in Las Vegas and raised in Texas. Both places have had a huge influence on my propensity for beauty.
I began working in the fashion and beauty industry, then transitioned into TV/Film in a matter of years.
I love creating luminous looks for my clients. I have had a very exciting career and am excited to watch it continue to flourish.
How did you come up with the idea to create Cleanse by Lauren Napier?
I was struck with the idea to create Cleanse by Lauren Napier while traveling from Australia to New York via Dubai.
I was on a flight and wished to cleanse my skin but my package of wipes was dried out. I thought I'd create something to cleanse the skin while on the go that was easier to carry and wouldn't dry out.

What is the concept behind your product?
Cleanse by Lauren Napier are chic, perfect for travel and they're an excellent solution to travel skincare.

What is the philosophy behind your product?
My philosophy is healthy beautiful skin!
I am a minimalist. In a culture obsessed with excess and perfection, I find beauty in informal moments. There is beauty in taking it off.

Ok, unfortunately I won't be able to use Lauren's wipes too often when I'm flying, because when I'm on a flight I'm generally on duty and it would be against my airline's grooming policy to take all my make up off hahaha!!! :-D
But I have incorporated them in my night routine, whether I am at home or in a hotel on a layover :-)

So thank you so much again Lauren, hopefully one day I can meet you, and I will take my make up off with your wipes but YOU will do my make up, okay??! ^_^

Friends I hope you enjoyed my post


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