Sunday, October 12, 2014


Mac Artificially Wild collection

Hello girls,
here I will show you my make up look created with some products from the Mac Artificially Wild collection!!

This collection, oh I love it so much.
It's mostly cool toned muted shades that look sort of "huh?" when you first look at them.

But it's their being so undefinable, so unrestrictable to specific colour categories, and almost mysterious, that makes them so unique and gives such an amazing unexpected effect when you apply them on your face.

Mac Artificially Wild collection

The Mac artist who did my beautiful make up is endlessly talented Alberto from Milan.
I picked the products for him to use though ^_^

Alberto applied Breaking Ground cream colour base (iridescent grey-ish lilac) in the outer half of my lid and crease of my eye with a Mac 217 brush.
He intensified the outer corner with Shale eyeshadow (pretty much the powder version of Breaking ground) - from the permanent line and not part this collection - and smoked out my lower lashline.
He finished off my eyes with Mineralize mascara, again not part of this collection.

On my cheeks, using Mac 188 brush he applied Taupe blush (matte, medium taup-y brown) on the outer and lower part of my cheekbones in his signature swirling motion, and then Pink Cult blush (matte lavender pink) on the rest of my cheeks with the same motion.
Girls I'm telling you, we need to OWN his technique.

He contoured my lips with iconic Stone lip pencil (cool brown), and filled them in with Spite lipglass (cool plummy brown) - both part of this collection BUT permanent.

What else to say, I mean just look at these shades.
How barely distinguishable they are on my face but how strong of an overall effect they create.

And Stone, Stone is a lip pencil I never thought I could pull off.
But its peculiar shade of brown is meant not to give you brown lips, but to create a shadow around their contour, and give the illusion of fuller lips.

Same for Taupe blush. It's not to give you brown cheeks, but to create the illusion of more sunken cheeks, which by contrast will then make the cheekbones appear more prominent.

Literally, I feel that this make up session and this Mac collection might have changed my life.
I mean, don't you already feel different too after seeing these colours?
For real.

Pleeeeease let me know what you got from this collection, I need to know what products everybody else has got and how you wear them, please share friends!!! ^_^

And if you want to see Alberto in action again you can check out Plastic Cheekbones in Milan Wearing New Mac MSF!!

Lots of love

Mac Stone lip pencil, Spite lipglass, Breaking Groung cream colour base, Pink Cult blush, Taupe blush


  1. You look absolutely stunning and your cheekbones....well you could cut glass on them! I think I may have to get the lip pencil and blusher now. Your fault!!

    Anoushka xx xx

    1. Stone is one of those cases when you really understand that if a product becomes iconic, there is a reason why.

      And Pink Cult, so many people are obsessed with peach peach peach blushes, oh if only they knew...
      But we know hun ;-D

      Love you!! <3 <3

  2. You look insanely beautiful as per usual!
    Love this collection way too much :)

    Francesca xo |

    1. That was definitely a no basic job, F!!
      And that moment when you be like - I should have got more :'-((((

      Haha have a beautiful day gorgeous!!
      Love <3

  3. I almost, almost picked up Pink Cult as its still available but I couldn't justify it - I did get Next to Skin though to use as a contour. I am also really enjoying Shitaki which looks surprisingly beautiful on the lips. :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh Kimmy, if only we had more faces!!!!!! :'-((((((

      I feel you, the struggle is real ;-)


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