Thursday, December 26, 2013


Harlot OCC Lip Tar

It was only a matter of time before I wrote a post about my first Lip Tar, the uber-famous liquid lipstick by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - haha don't you just love their name! ^_^

Lip Tars come in a tube and are out-of-this-world intense and pigmented.
And no matter how many times you have heard how pigmented they are, and how much you therefore expect it, the first time you try them yourself you will still be amazed!! :-O
The smallest dot is enough to paint your entire lips. Seriously, if you put more than this on your hand or on the brush you will waste it!

So when it came to picking my first Lip Tar, I wanted to go big and I picked one of their BANG!!!est shades :-D
It's called Harlot and it's the brightest neon coral-y red a human can ever create, isn't it stunning????

Harlot OCC Lip Tar

At a first glance, I thought I had already found in my collection some dupes for Harlot in Heartbreaker by Sleek and in Coral Blush 158 by Barry M.
These 3 do look pretty much identical in the tube, but as soon as you swatch them side by side it's clear to see they are by no means dupes.

Compared to Harlot, Heartbreaker (which is already a very very close dupe to Mac Impassioned, you can read my post here Mac dupes - Red, bright and dark lipsticks from Sleek) is more pink and more matte, while Coral Blush is a lot more sheer, and has some fuchsia to it.

Sleek Heartbreaker - OCC Lip Tar Harlot - Barry M 158 Coral Blush

But what I came up with is that when I wear Harlot I will then take either Heartbreaker or Barry M 158 with me in my handbag.
I find such a pigmented liquid in a tube a little impractical for touch ups - if you need them at all with this product, but you know, just in case.
Regular lipsticks in a bullet are much easier to use, so having one of those 2 with me when I'm wearing Harlot will do the touch up job if needed, without risking to bleed neon coral from all over my face when it's not Halloween!!

I hope you found this post interesting!
Do you have any Lip Tars?? If so, what shades??
Also let me know if you too wrote a blog post about them!!

And if you like this kind of bright shades see me wear an orange lipstick in New trend: how to make orange lipstick work for pale blondes / Iggy Azalea inspired make up :-)

Have a beautiful day :-*



  1. This Lip Tar is so gorgeous !!!! Love it, I may just get this tomorrow lol ����. Thanks for this ❤️

    1. Hahaha that would be quick!!! :-D Do you already have some Lip Tars???

  2. Gosh..!it really IS the brightest NEON coral far as i can see it on your photos...!!! I think your friend can spot you so easily even in the middle of hundreds of people by the colour of your lips..(unless those hundreds of people all wear this colour on their lips as well!) By the way, i'm, again, learning something new from your blog..! Haven't heard of it if it wasn't for you..! Thanks a lot, MJ, you are my make-up master!!!! xoxo

    1. :-D Haha can you imagine everybody wearing this?? We would have like only some lime green lipstick left to wear to become noticeable again!! :-D You are too funny, you are The Master Reader, I ADORE you!!! ^_^ Happy Holidays my dear!!! :-***

  3. Unfortunately I don't own any but I'm definitely getting some now. Thanks MJ ❤️

    1. Keep me updated, I'll be all ears, I already want to get more toooooo hahaha!!!! :-D :-* <3 <3

  4. I have a post about them! It's a few posts back. Check it out if you get a chance! Hope your day is spectacular!

    1. I read your post - actually more like watched your video! :-D - and wrote you back there ;-)
      Thank you for writing me Rachel, take care sweetheart :-*


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