Tuesday, December 17, 2013


UNE Skin Glow Foundation

I know this picture will look a little random in a make up blog, but the reason why it's here is because when I posted it on Instagram it earned me a lot of compliments on how my skin looked!

And since I too love the foundation I am wearing, I'm more than happy to share the name of this magic potion: it's Skin Glow Foundation by UNE Natural Beauty (http://www.unebeauty.com/en/products/make-up/face/skin-glow-foundation.html)

UNE is a French brand whose products are made almost entirely from natural ingredients, which is already really nice to begin with.
And this is the glowiest foundation I have ever tried, I mean just how it like it!!
Yes my picture is filtered through Instagram, but this didn't really alter the real overall look of my skin - see how only my face is shiny while my shoulders and chest are not.

I discovered Skin Glow Foundation - and UNE as a brand - by chance when I received a sample, and when I first tried it I couldn't believe my eyes!! *_*
I immediately took a good ol' #selfie and sent it out to all of my make up loving girlfriends like "LOOK AT THIS!!!" :-D

I found the texture a little unusual: it's liquidy but thick, and it goes on sort of matte first while leaving this incredible glow.
It has a strong almond fragrance. I see the website says it is lotus flower, but to me it smells just like almond milk :-)

I know some girls prefer a more velvety/matte finish to their foundation, but Skin Glow will give you the skin of vacation, the skin of summer, of a tropical island, of a sandy beach - and for me no other look can top that!! <3

Please girls let me know if you tried this foundation or other UNE products, I would love to hear some suggestions!

Have a beautiful day,
love xxx

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