Saturday, July 5, 2014


Essence Wave Goddess collection

Girls I could ask you if you have ever seen more beautiful colours, but it would be a pointless question, because we all know that none of us has ever seen more beautiful colours than Wave Goddess, the new summer collection from Essence.

An entire collection where the main shade is my favourite colour turquoise is a dream come true, so thank you Essence for this!!

I had a first exclusive preview of this collection in my amazing friend Stella's picture on Instagram (@make_up_moshpit) and I had to catch my breath.
I couldn't wait to see it live, and I was desperately hoping to find it before it sold out!!

And today I found it, woohoo!!
So here's what I picked up. I got all 4 eyeshadows:
  • 01 Have A Break - bright turquoise
  • 02 Crush On Blue - bright electric blue
  • 03 Stand Up And Paddle - icy blue
  • 04 Life Is Better When You Surf - coraly pink
They have a mousse texture and look like a sheer glittery paradise.
Just look at those blues, they are so beautiful it hurts!!!

I also got the 2 tinted lipbalms:
  • 01 Loose (or lose??) Your Heart On The Board - fuchsia
  • 02 Life Is Better When You Surf - yellow toned pink
Now, I am against wearing make up on the beach, but these two lipbalms are something I will wear on the beach!! ;-)

The powder highlighter 01 Sparkling Goddess looked divine and was literally one of the highlights of this collection.
It is white with pink opalescent glitter particles.
But due to the wild use I make of highlighter all over my face, I thought the glitter, although very small, would not work for me, so I sadly passed on it :-(

If you want to see more pictures - highlighter included, and eyeliners and nail polish too - please check out Stella's blogpost with her review of the collection!!

Let me know if you found this collection and what products you picked up :-)))
I hope you are enjoying your weekend, thank you for reading <3


Essence Wave Goddess collection swatches


  1. Oh those colours look gorgeous! I'm a turquoise girl too!! Great swatches! Lou xo

    1. I can't wait to pair that turquoise with a black and melt down slowly...

      Many kisses from a big fan!! xxx <3


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