Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello girls,
I saw this tag on YouTube so I decided to do it too :)
The tag name doesn't need further explanations so I'll just jump right into the questions!

1. Favourite balm / treatment?
Korres Lip Butters. They are made of mostly natural ingredients and are a true lip treatment more than just a lip balm.
There are 6 different flavours and colours, and I have 3 - mango (sheer orange), guava (sheer gold) and jasmine (sheer nude pink).
They come in a pot which wouldn't make it too practical to carry them in your bag, but since I consider them more as a treatment I keep them on my nightstand and put them on at night when I go to bed :)

Korres Lip Butters

2. Best eye-catching red?
Mac Ruby Woo, the most matte and bright red from Mac!
I wrote an entire post about it Mac Russian Red vs. Ruby Woo :)

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?
My favourite luxury lipstick is YSL Rouge Volupte in 01 Nude Beige.
This line of lipsticks has the most deliriously luxurious packaging, and Nude Beige is a gorgeous sophisticated pinky nude <3

YSL Rouge Volupte 01 Nude Beige

My favourite drugstore lipstick is Kiko Unlimited Stylo in 13 Cocoa - despite what it's called, it's really a mauve shade, I am wearing it here My #NoFilter #SelfieSaturday make up :)

4. Best Mac lipstick?
Again, Mac Ruby Woo :)

5. The most disappointing?
I have to say Eos Lip Balms. Their egg shaped packaging is the cutest of all time so I will forever be carrying one in my bag, but they are just not that moisturizing :(

6. Liner - yes or no?
On a daily basis - no
With sheer to medium opacity lipsticks - no
With nude lipsticks - no

With nude lipsticks when I want to create a more bombshell look - yes
With matte opaque lipsticks, whatever the shade is - yes
With dark or very bright lipsticks - yes

7. Best gloss?
Bourjois Effet 3D in 03 Brun Rosé Academic. Why didn't I discover this line of lipglosses before?? They are my favourite!!
I love their thick but soft consistency, they glide on super creamy and they shine like a dream!! *_*
I have a few of them - needless to say I plan to add many more ^_^ - and Brun Rosé Academic is my favourite because it is a mauvy your-lips-but-better shade.
I have just included it in my June Favourites June Favourites + Mac Dupe!!

Bourjois Effet 3D 03 Brun Rosé Academic

8. Something extra!
In this category I will to mention something I have never tried but would love to, and it's the lipsticks by Melt Cosmetics.
All their shades are so unique and sooo beautiful, so yeah I would really like to have them ^_^

My amazing friend Sarah has already done this tag on her YouTube channel so you can already see it Not Your Typical Dollface - Lip Product Addict Tag

And now I will tag my girls


and Rachel (YouTube channel Not Two Normal - Lip Product Addict Tag)

who are always game for tags, and my new friends


who has the most extensive lipstick collection known to man,

Please leave me the link to your blogpost or YouTube video if you have already done or will do this tag too!!

I hope you enjoyed mine, thank you for reading :-*



  1. Loved this post MJ!
    I didn't think much of the EOS balms either!!
    I love the sound of the Korres lip butters though might have to check them out!!
    xo Holly xo


    1. Yes I definitely recommend the Korres Lip Butters, they feel so luxurious on your lips!!
      The other flavours are Quince, Pomegranate and Wild Rose, I had a sort of hard time deciding on just one so I got 3, I got them in Greece where they are a lot cheaper ^_^

      Please Holly do the tag if you want!! I will add the link to your blogpost in mine!! <3

      Love xx

  2. Hello my sweetest MJ! You know how much I adore talking about and gushing over lip products...this was just fantastic! My lips have so been suffering from dryness recently, and so I must try those Korres lip butters for sure! And that YSL lipstick looks just divine! Will have to swatch it soon! Thank you so much for sharing this sunshine with me this morning! When you told me about this tag last night I got so excited I forgot I filmed it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh7s-w6F8Mc). If you need a good laugh and want to hear me ramble and get WAY too excited feel free to check it out :)

    Lots of love my amazing friend!

    1. Oh no, how could I miss your video! :(
      Almost as bad as you forgetting filming it hahahaha!!!! :-D

      Coming over to your channel and pressing play in 3 - 2 - 1, I'll also edit my post to add the link to your video ;-)

      I'm already laughing and I haven't seen the video yet hahaha!!! xxx

  3. Yay! I will definitely be adding this to my drafts so I can work away at it!! I will let you know as soon as I'm finished!

    Now, that gold lip butter is definitely something I need in my life- it looks scrumptious.

    Oh- and I was also disappointed in the EOS balms... Cute, yes. Smell good, yes. Moisturizing, meh.
    Thanks for the tag love


    1. Looking forward to reading your post!! :)

      <3 xx

  4. Haha it's not THAT expensive.. ;) agree with you on the EOS balms though, really don't get the hype myself!


    and beauty or something.

    1. Haha no I said exTensive, I would never vulgarly judge your collection based on its material value!!

      Your products would be enriched by the mere fact that YOU are their owner anyway!!! :-D

      Love you!! xxxx

    2. Was clearly too busy laughing to notice haha


  5. Those Korres lip balms look seriously amazing. We neeeed!!
    xoxo Precious Wonders


    1. The other flavours are just as great but sometimes you gotta make a choice, right?, and with 3 out of 6 I didn't do too bad!! ^_^

      Sweetie do the tag if you like it, I would love to see you ladies' picks, particularly after your trip to Paris!! ;-)

      Love xx

  6. Lovely MJ,
    I had so much fun ready this Post! And of course I have done the Tag too! Thank you for inviting me!
    I really have to try the Korres Lip Butter! I hope I can find them in Germany!
    Kisses and Hugs :*


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