Thursday, July 10, 2014


NARS Rated R

Hello girls,
today I would like to show you the most unique eyeshadows in my collection, Rated R eyeshadow duo from Nars!

I remember the very first time I walked past a Nars stand in Sephora, these two colours were all I saw.
You know how much the sight of bright blue gives me life, so imagine a bright cobalt blue with a light blue shimmer, with a lime green with a neon yellow shimmer sitting next to it.

I had to have it.
I mean, even if the Nars make up artist had told me - Oh this is from our new line of shoe polish -, I would have still got it without second thoughts.

NARS Rated R

The texture of both shades is very soft and smooth, and they blend effortlessly.
My only complaint is that they are a little sheer, when you know, if you choose to wear such neon showstopping shades, it's not just a sheer wash of colour you have in your mind.

But the pigmentation is buildable, see how as I'm wearing them on my eyes both the blue and the green are like BANG!

Who else has Rated R and how do you wear it??
Please tag me @mjintheskywithglitter on Instagram if you posted a picture!

Have a beautiful night and thank you for reading <3


NARS Rated R


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha NEED = NOT THE WORD hahaha!!! :-D

      Thank you Sarah!!
      But please, next time find a better timing for your comments, because with this one you interrupted my reading of your Tom Ford make up post hahahaha!!!!

      Soul sisters xxx

  2. I absolutely adore your beautiful smile in this post - just gave me life this morning!!! Was so excited to see the infamous Rated R quad in action! I totally agree that with vibrant colours like this you would want them to be ba bang opaque, but great to know that they buildable!

    Love you my amazing friend! Hope to always see that smile shining bright!
    With all my love,

    1. Remember when I saw your Adult Swim duo, and I told you it reminded me of Rated R?? Here it is ^_^

      Your words are a blessing every day, I'm so thankful you are my friend, my biggest brightest love to you Sarah <3 :-*

  3. It's amazing how you've worked this "ever so difficult colour for me" so well.! You're indeed my make-up guru. And of course, your bright smile makes everything look so even more beautiful.! :)) xoxo

    1. I can never thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm, I am honoured to have the privilege of inspiring you <3

      Love :-* :-*


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